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Final Fantasy 3 – When Magic Disappeared Forever

In the past, evil creatures created powerful creatures called Espers and released them against each other. As a result of the fighting, their world became a hotbed of rubble. Legend has it that the Espers destroyed themselves and most of humanity. The magic is gone forever.

Centuries have passed and a rational world now exists with the Espers, who lived only in mythology until a solid lump since ancient warfare was discovered. Suddenly there were reports of magical attacks on civilians. Imperial Commandos initiate raids using MagiTek magic power weapons. The magic is still alive and the world is in danger again. Who or what is behind the rediscovery and re-activation of this legendary power? Are there any confusing plans that will destroy this orderly world?

Final Fantasy III is what many consider a classic RPG game. Released as Final Fantasy III for SNES in 1994, it is the sixth installment of the popular Final Fantasy series produced by Squaresoft. The game takes place about 1000 years after the end of a great war called “The War of the Magi” that removed magic from the face of the earth.

It is a turn-based RPG with players controlling more than 15 characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and fighting styles and stories to tell. The main character is a half-human, half-human girl, Esper, who tries to find her place in a war-torn world. The main villain in the story is the most colorful villain in the Final Fantasy series, a comedian named Kefka.

Joining him are some other military-style villains with lesser roles and even some NPCs involved. There are many scenes that include scenes involving characters that allow players to feel “real time” with the storyline. The characters have “expressions” that, while very basic, present the general theme of each scene to the player. In my opinion, this game is perfect for players who want to see the best that SNES has to offer regarding RPGs.

Game play:

Like the game for SNES to only 1 or 2 other interesting games like Final Fantasy III. All the elements that make other games in the series fun are here. Players can rename all characters in the game, including the current summons (called Espers in FFIII).

There are many side quests in the game that vary from easy to difficult in terms of time and engagement to complete, and the level of commitment required to complete the game can vary between 25 hours. To complete the core story of the game can last up to 100 hours, give or take. This is if you want to get what the so-called “complete” gaming experience means That collection of all the most powerful weapons, armor, and magic, and also the character level up to the maximum level.

The only reason the game does not get a top 10 ranking in this department is the fact that while character leveling is not an issue in the beginning and middle of the game when one character reaches a higher level. This (over 60) it would be very time consuming to use the tedious process to increase the character, sometimes it takes many hours to raise the character one level. This I mean is the main common problem with RPGs of this era. But if you do not care about loneliness like this, this game is for you.

The characters in Final Fantasy 3 offer a variety of clever individual attacks. Each character has their own special talents and players can choose to use each character’s talents or ignore them. The main part of each Final Fantasy is magic and this game is no exception. There are many spells that players can use, each learning a specific Espers feature.

When Esper is equipped for a long time, more magic is received from Esper, and when the learning curve of Esper reaches 100%, all the magic available from Esper is learned. Some magic can be learned from 2 to 4 Espers, while others can only be learned from a specific Esper. This makes Esper use a conscious thought process. Players must plan to use Espers to learn the required spells.


Again, I’m comparing it to other SNES games. This game is 2-D. Simple and straightforward. It features a 3/4 overhead view 90% of the time and also features around the world, which has since been removed from most RPGs. Graphics was considered a state of the art in 1994 when the game was released. There are rich color textures and some good use of SNES’s Mode-7 graphics capabilities, both scaling and rotation, which are particularly evident when characters use airships for transport.

In terms of graphics, the game is actually 2-D, so if you expect to see a full-fledged 3-D demo Good luck. In scenes where the graphics are created to inflate or close, they will become larger pixels. These issues besides the graphics for its day compared to other games at the time were considered to be very advanced.

Sound quality:

This is where the game lights up. The score is huge! Developed by the world-famous Nobuo Uematsu, there are at least 100 different songs in the game (including interpretations of the main theme) and also include scenes with the earliest examples of “singing” pronunciation. In video games. The songs have 128 records and a beautiful detailed musical story. Because the game’s dialogue is based on text, the music allows the player to be more emotional with this game and characters than many other games released at the time.

There is a strong combination of deep bass, vocals and synthetic keyboard to keep the audience engaged and engaged. Games. There are very few songs that last less than 5 minutes without repeating, so players really do not get the boring loneliness that usually accompanies games from SNES.

Replay value:

There are very few games that can be left on the shelf for years and then picked up and played again with the same level of commitment and enjoyment as Final Fantasy III. This game is as much fun as every other time passed like it was the first time Who went through. In fact, with all the side quests and stuff available, weapons, armor and game magic can be one of the hardest RPGs ever made for SNES to get a “perfect” game, or 100 percent. There are always ways to expand the difficulty of the game and make each play through a unique experience.


Not exactly the latest installment in the game, the game themes “Fight monsters and get level before fighting with the ultimate boss and save the world”. While Action RPG gamers will find the game repetitive, turn-based RPG fans will love it.

Having a female protagonist in the game was a concept that was not used much before Final Fantasy III. This seemed like a risky idea, but Square removed it without error. Also, along with all the other characters in the game, the story unfolds beautifully for each character. This adds to the depth of the game as well as the entertainment concept.


If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series, a collector of classic games, or who is interested in joining the series but is concerned about the intricacies of the new Final Fantasy title, this game is for you. Final Fantasy III is great for “old school” and “new” players alike. It has great story, great sound and will take over your life in a few days if you let it. The characters are original, have different abilities to use and are emotional, which makes this game really great.

NPCs seem to be more influential in this game than most, and some of the main characters are the most imaginative I have ever encountered. The town is spacious, the graphics are captivating, and the sounds are rich and vibrant. The story unfolds well and from the opening scene, most players are intrigued. Enemies are diverse and numerous, and bosses are difficult at times impossible. I highly recommend this game to anyone who owns SNES.

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