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Resume Tips For Military Spouses

My friend came to visit on the weekend and brought two small gifts for my child. One gift is a small animal and the other is a small jigsaw puzzle. But what stands out is the presentation! Wrapped in clean cellophane around the book and neatly tied ribbon tied around the bow, which is so pretty I do not want to open it, or at least I want to keep it for gift-giving purposes. Presentations make a difference! So I keep that in mind as I watch my customers. I like the resume printed on a good quality printer with no thick eco paper stains, and if you are distributing it by email there are no italics and I like the white space a bit. If you are sending a resume directly to a company or going through it at a web event, make sure you have a new manicure and a good haircut to get started. Clients are always curious about the ingenious way to combine their confusing work history and how to package the gifts they receive throughout their military life. Should they go to a “friendly employer” or hide the fact that they are a running couple; They remember that hiring managers comment on why they should or should not hire candidates. Consider these tips as you follow your dream job and remember that the rules of attraction also apply to resumes, so regardless of my tips, if you love your resume, others may like it too!

1. Looks important.

First impressions are included, so make your resume beautiful! Consider bold or italic font settings, as they often look messy if the resume is scanned. Even better, try to create a clean PDF version of your resume as well so that it can be submitted to the job electronically and without losing its professional appearance. Lease managers are disabled by name, so if you have a name it is difficult to put a nickname in the circle. The nails are next to it for job search, they can learn how to pronounce Vanda after you are hired. If you have the same good email address, consider changing it as well. While friends may enjoy sending emails to, consider modifying the emails listed in your resume or your first and last name and internet provider. It will look more professional. You do not know whether the rental manager is spying on MySpace or judging your personal address. In addition, make sure your home voicemail and cell phone are short, professional and clear when you are looking for a job.

2. Do not play hard to get:

You do not want a potential employer to call your home and be intimidated by your bad recordings. You. The following points make sure that you enter a valid email name and phone number that you can access at all times. Try to send your resume when you will have time for the interview as well. If you work full-time, attend classes at night, and are about to have children, you may not be available for potential interviews, and if the company calls you in and you delay the date, other candidates may be hired at Place. Because they first appeared. Perhaps delaying the resume submission until your summer vacation or 3 months postpartum will increase your chances of recruiting.

3. Create lost time:

Couples often struggle with the proverbial discrepancy in their profiles. Stop worrying about it too much and just think about what you did during that time that will still be worth listing. When you have a break from work, it is okay to include those extra part-time jobs that you have taken to earn some money and remember to speak to them as professionally as you can and collectively. Incorporate transferable skills such as customer relationships or multiple jobs so your prospective employer sees it. Some benefits to work. You can also fill in the blanks with volunteer work or schooling that can be completed, especially if it involves work you are doing. If you have a long gap in your resume, try to fill in the blanks with a few points, rather than a long explanation in the cover letter that should focus only on your strengths. If the gap is too large for you to fill half the page, go to a computer class and volunteer at an organization related to the type of work you would like to do, join some professional organization, or attend a conference, so what do you have? One present to brag about.

4. Define the benefits boldly:

Recruitment experts do not discriminate against readers, so do not assume that they will understand the military language – a couple. Make sure your resume is clear and up to date. Write a resume with the needs of the company in front of your ideas, rather than highlighting what you are looking for. A resume is not a job description of what you have done, but a personal statement of accomplishments in a specific way that underscores the strengths of your transferable expertise and past contributions. Will make you stand out and attract their attention, rather than summarizing your entire work history. Companies should be able to quickly see your credentials and highlights that make you consistent for their company.

5. Size does not matter:

While one page is definitely better than two pages, do not cut back or start shrinking text to follow. Remember that short and sweet is all you need; And I say go for the trending “series” instead of the general purpose (description of the job you are doing). The company knows the purpose if you are applying for a job and your resume is a selling point. A one-page resume is back in its original form, so consider changing some of the work to a cover letter and matching the resume content to look more like a flyer than an ad. In addition to choosing a pretty simple font, have a professional editorial resume and avoid any rumors. Remember that the positive and stressful voices of the first person read more attractively.

6. Do not cheat:

Some couples hire resume writers who rewrite what they did in the old job into percentages and dollar signs of what they accomplished, but then get stuck during the interview when they Was asked about their resume. Do not list yourself as a database expert if you have never worked with one. And instead of scattering words and rumors, make a resume. First think about your strengths and then use strong verbs that describe where you really excel rather than what looks good on paper. Your confidence is not only bright, but when you are hired, it will end up matching better if you exaggerate in your resume and end up putting in a job that requires “attention. For details, “Your work. Hate

7. Piracy is not cheating:

Go for a coffee at your local library or bookstore and check out the book section. Do an online search or better yet, ask a friend who has a good job if you can use their resume as a concept template. I’m not saying to plagiarize a resume for words, but when you read someone else’s resume, it can “remind you” that you are also rewarded with something that slows down your thinking. It may even be helpful to go back to your old staff handbook that describes your previous job description to help you remember your skills and success. As long as your ideas come from enough different sources and are exactly in line with who you are, it is not deceptive.

8. Tell your friends to brag:

Like everything else in military life, it never hurts to be overly prepared. When you go to the interview, bring some resumes of your resume in case you need to send them to a second interview that you never knew existed. If you have written “References available on request”, make sure you actually have the references and have a pager pre-typed of these references and their contact information ready and on hand. Do not forget to let people know that you have used it as a reference so that they do not cover you up and say, ” Sara who “When a future employer really calls.

9. Do not assume that:

Do not assume that the hiring manager knows how you are connected. If you know someone in the organization well, include your “contact” in the first paragraph of the cover letter. Some couples assume that employers know that they are computer literate or that they have references available upon request. It never hurts to integrate all the relevant job skills. Another assumption that people make is that the HR professionals who check your resume know all the rumors related to each job. You want to stay away from acronyms and languages ​​no matter how simple you think the word is.

10. Show your items:

A beautiful resume on your computer will not get you a job. Contact Military Employment Resources – All Couples and post your resume. Additionally, print some extra copies and bring them with you so that when you network, you can send them out. Try traditional job search sites as well and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You have to kiss the frogs a lot before you find your prince and the same goes for the job hunt. Buy some nice folders and put some resumes in them to drop down to your idea institution. If an institution does not hire, ask them if they can keep your resume on file in case something opens up.

Now get started!

o Write down everything you have done in the past about your work history from your first job until now. Include volunteer work, workshops and related training that you have received, and next to each item, the skills you acquire, such as answering the 5-line phone, presenting to a group of 50, bring in X in dollars, etc. . .

o Create a resume with the main content you want to share with potential employers and then save it as a “resume skeleton” on your computer. And then you might want to create two different profiles for both directions you are heading. For example, a resume can include all of your military volunteer work and is great for applying for that perfect position with a friendly employer, and other resumes can look more corporate and include only Your work history, a mailbox, and that “great” corporate relationship in the cover letter.

o Have a mentor (outside the military) check your resume and give honest feedback. Consider the resources available to you on a local basis or email me at to set up a resume consultation that includes editing your resume discussion and various support training to get you there. Go to the next step in your career!

If you would like to work with me as your coach or have questions about this profession, feel free to write: and sign up for The Military Spouse Coach ezine, which offers low cost and quality training products. High that you can take advantage of!

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