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Old Marketing VS New Marketing

I woke up this morning following LinkedIn’s ‘Top headlines in marketing and advertising design’ and ran into a post from Mashable that caught my attention. If you have not read it yet, you can follow the direct link below this article.

It’s talking about the new era of the market — how ‘internal market’ is taking over the country compared to the old era of ‘foreign market’. Of course, Mashable makes it even more exciting with their cute and easy-to-understand infographics (praise them), but it certainly sparks a huge debate over their comments. .

To speed things up, Mashable’s definition is:

New market. Is “any marketing strategy that relies on getting people interested rather than buying it.” aka Search engines, referrals, social media.

Old Market “Any market that promotes a product or service to a customer.” Aka Print TV, Radio, Advertising, Billboards, Cold Calling.

The following statistics are also listed:

44% of live tickets are not open. That is a waste of time, post and paper.

86% of people skip television commercials.

84% of 25- to 34-year-olds click away from websites because of “irrelevant or annoying advertising”.

The cost per lead in the overseas market is greater than for the domestic market.

200 million Americans have registered their phone numbers in the FTC “Do Not Call” list.

91% of email users stop subscribing to the email of their previously selected company.

So what is the big debate and debate of mumbo jumbo in Mashable post? Some marketers are seeing it as ‘brutal’ and that it is invading the printing industry, as well as providing infographic material to mislead business owners that the internal market is the only way to go and the overseas market is destructive.

My friend … bring a pinch of salt to post. I think there are good factors in it and it can help new business owners, but you still have to Overseas marketing. The thing is that businesses need to know information like Mashable hosting as well to weigh their personal choices, not just rely on those with a marketing career. I do not know how many times I have run a business that has no clue to social media marketing, wondering how Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can benefit your business. Having those four things can really make a huge difference in building traffic to your business, but I personally think it’s best to have ‘happy storage’. Why? Let’s start when it started a long time ago …

At the beginning …

Before people had cars, people used to go for business. Advertising is what you find in front of a store window. Remember the song “The wolf in the window?” You walk to the counter and pay for your gum, which you find in a jar sitting next to the list Name. And then came the age of the car, where people’s interest gradually increased as the big signs appeared, the giant iota burger billboard on the poster (very hungry?). Nowadays it is on TV, it is in your email, it is in your inbox. So why is it bad? It’s not, not in the rear view.


As Mashable puts it, this is ‘old market’ aka ‘overseas market’, pushing products in front of you that you have no choice but to ‘reject’ from them. Face it, media is everywhere and everything! You can not go away with it! Drink a glass of water? Guess what, I’m sure its brand or logo is at the bottom of the cup.

So again – why use an outdated overseas market? You will get “physical” exposure. Do you know what a McDonald’s gate looks like? Just because there is entertainment there, it’s on TV, it’s on the radio, on the billboards and so on. While most of the world has personal computers (families with children with each iPad), you still need to establish the actual presence of your hiding place in your city or town. People use their cars to get to and from work and buy groceries and clothes in stores (have you checked the back of your receipt and ever found an ad?) Become a zombie to the world famous website, you still have to get out of your house to catch up. As a friend once told me, “Reveal, Reveal! Your brand is your identity. People are still people who see, people who touch. Put your face to your brand. I’m sure you’ve said many times “Oh yes … I saw or heard it somewhere …” or you printed a coupon or a discount from the LivingSocial email newsletter you subscribed to.

What about inbound market share?

SEO: Introduction

SEO or search engine optimization is what links your website to search engines. SEO takes time and it takes a lot of work, patience and trial and error, which is why it costs so much to hire a professional to do it for you. How does it work? Think about how you use search engines like Google or Bing, how do you search for information on the internet? You type in “keywords” like ‘photographer in Charlotte, NC’ and you get a list of photographers or photography topics. There are different ways of using keywords for your website and most of them can be found in the written content of your website, in your non-flash images or in the HTML code itself. Keywords are found by search engines that have spiders or bots to navigate through your site.

If you search on Google, that’s a lot of photographers, right? So how are you? Becoming # 1 on the search engines is not as easy as you think and there is no real guarantee (at least not the organic way or the ‘no pay’ method). Search engines are constantly evolving and constantly changing their mathematical ‘algorithms’ in the way their search engines work. For some time, Google has been developing algorithms for some time, as some webmasters have used strategies to ‘cheat’ the system that could put your site in a permanently banned state.

SEO: Backlinks

Ever heard of the word backlinking? Probably not. If you use any kind of analytics software with your website, you should be aware of this. Backlinking, also known as inbound link or inbound link, is a link to your website from another website or page. In general, the more links you provide to your site, the better your site will be. Think of it as a competition for popularity. Of course, there are proper techniques and ethics for posting links to your site, so before you close and post links to your site on any site you see, make sure you do your research first. Or ask for permission first. And this is where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs come in, because you can use any of the four elements to backlink to your site.

Social media

Mashable said in their announcement that the ‘internal market’ is more ‘polite and friendly’ compared to the external market. Well … you have to do a lot. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs helps drive more traffic to your business, but your reputation. Remember that these four items listed are the “face” of your company when you can not be there. This is why I recommend my clients to try to be more personal with their audience.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would not be called ‘social media’ if they were not ‘personal’. People like it when others can relate to themselves and stand down to their level. Why do you think Reality TV is still being made? Remember that when I say ‘personal’ I do not mean ‘thing’. It’s best to talk about positive and uplifting topics … unless that’s what your business or brand is known for. Instead, post about the latest fashion trends (if you are in the fashion industry) or talk about what is happening in your city. You can even get people to speak by voting. Creating a weekly social media calendar can also help, such as giving tips and calling it ‘Makeover Mondays’.


I met last week with a woman who runs a popular bridal blog, and she told me when she first started writing that she only talks about brides. However, she has been asked to talk about other personal topics that people can relate to. Needless to say, the person gave her some good advice! You can find her at The Thirty Something Bride.

So for all my current and prospective clients, take the same advice. If anything, stick to about 70% on the topic and 40% on personal issues. Are you not tired of eating the same olives every day?

– – –

Obviously, there are many more ways to use the old marketing methods and the new marketing methods, and I just touched the basics with them here. All in all, my biggest request to you is … to find that fun way. Domestic and foreign markets go hand in hand.

What do you think of Mashable’s post? Are you the largest Inbound or Outbound Marketing user in your business? Read it here.

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