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Composites – What is the Potential of Any Relationship?

I have recently explored the relationship from the point of view of the individuals involved, known as the Church. Two people in each relationship are viewed individually for their personal relationship potential. When each is described individually, a comparison between the two describes a more intimate detail of their story. However, there is more than one way to look at relationships. When any matching occurs, a new dynamic is produced which is called relation. Relationships occur on many levels: parents and children, marriages, employers and workers, teachers and students, siblings, in-laws and criminals, doctors and patients, followers and victims, clergy and parishioners.

No matter how many people we meet and the circumstances in which we meet them, in a second a special relationship is formed that never existed before and will no longer exist if the two people involved choose not to pursue it. Some of these meetings are as short as a waiter serving a cup of coffee. Some live as family members or marriage partners.

The bond that exists between mother and child at birth is unique. After years of refusing to allow the father to be present at birth, the current medical facility encourages the father to be involved. This is the second time that a mother has broken up with her father. Yes! Nothing can equal that great moment, and nothing can capture it as it passes without it. Father participation. The mother really has no choice when giving birth. Her involvement is essential. Several years ago I did a workshop by Joseph Chilton Pearce where the process of creating this bond was explored. I immediately went home and told my son and my pregnant wife that they were both part of Delivery process if possible. Many grandchildren later, my whole family encouraged this experience because of the bonds that formed at birth.

Suppose I have ten friends. Matching provides a unique friendship. This takes nothing away from my other nine friends and extends our individual lives because of those friendships. I am better and my friends are better with our friendship. If I am a better person because of friendship, then I will be a better person for friends, family, colleagues, etc. Anything that adds to my personal aspect in a positive way affects everything I do and who I interact with. My self is more positive. Conversely, if I am in a negative relationship, that negativeness also affects all the other relationships I am involved in if I am compromised or compromised in the experience of this one relationship. I was cut so I was less than I could be with all the people I contacted.

To me, it seems like a part or stage of a relationship in general. There is an introductory section … Getting started. Then process the duration and nature of the relationship. The third stage may be the end or the end. It turns out to be the beginning, the middle and the end. I’m sure there are other divisions or stages to explore. Each stage has many possibilities for experience because each relationship is unique. Astrologically, we can easily see the potential of any relationship (beginning) and we can also see the reality of a relationship (half and possibly the end). Sometimes the potential and reality of a relationship work in harmony. What we see is what we get. At other times, the relationship does not depend on its potential. What we see is No. What we get. It will be helpful to compare both possibilities and facts to determine which relationships have a better chance of success in real life conditions. In this article, we will examine the potential of relationships using composite wheels. The facts of the relationship will be covered in a partner article.

The method by which you create a compound wheel begins with the natal wheel (birth) of the two individuals involved. In total, there are 13 main points that are traditional when reading astrology: the sun, the moon and the eight planets, the central paradise and the moon. Thirteen points are essentially out of the 360-degree circle possible for each person. You create these points by combining the two suns, the two moons, the two rising stars, and so on. Once you get those totals, you divide each of them by two and it gives you a new figure for the composite wheel. Example: Sun # 1 plus Sun # 2 divided by two is equal to the combined sun. The new wheels are drawn by traditional rules and are called composites. In our age, computer-generated bikes do all the work for you. You have a bike.

At this point you have to do something unusual with your mind. You need to stop thinking about the people involved and keep your focus on the relationship as a whole. This bike is No. About that person, no matter how much an individual wants to tilt it in their direction. This map is about the potential of the relationships that are formed, not the individuals involved. I am repeating a potential word for a reason. Because of the math involved, this artificial wheel assumes that two people involved will meet halfway through all 50/50 problems, and it is impossible from a distance in any society. There has to be an offer and acceptance between two people involved in any relationship, but equality on all issues is imaginary. Compounds allow you to see the potential ideally, but may not fit the reality of past experiences. Why?

At the beginning of a meaningful relationship, the people involved really have high hopes for the relationship and adhere to their best attitudes to ensure that the relationship continues. This is unnatural behavior because none of us can have our best attitude forever. Sooner or later we will be relieved of our normalcy (for us) and it will make a difference in our relationship. It is not a hoax or intent, it is natural. Most of us will do whatever we need to strengthen the relationship and then we relax. In the long run, the potential that attracts us may not become our actual experience. This can be frustrating and frustrating, but it may not be intentional. Ultimately, each of us will be honest with ourselves when the “ideal” gives way to the “truth.” If we make the mistake of stepping on each other, this could be devastating because one or both of them fall off. Those pedals. The effects of such a fall can be devastating.

Components have been an easy-to-find technique for astrology for many years, both on hand wheels and on computer printers. It is a great tool for exploring the potential of relationships and is the most popular choice of astrology worldwide. This option is called the contact wheel and is based in fact, but very difficult to calculate manually. With the advent of computer printing, bicycles have become increasingly popular. The content of information and experience to support this alternative technique is growing, but there is now more information available for integrated techniques.

How to read Early relationships can be fun. Our imagination and our desire for a better life are in full swing as we explore possibilities. The question is, does the relationship continue to live up to our expectations? It is not the individual who disappoints us. It is our false expectations that cause failure and disappointment. A person on a pedestrian has only one direction to go and it closes. We may find that our captain in the shining armor is rusty with bad behavior, or that any of the women involved may not be the virtuous Maid Marion.

  • The sun combines the nature and identity of the couple’s relationship potential with the signs and scenes of the strongest influence in the home.
  • The combined moon describes the arousal and psychological embellishment of the potential of the couple’s relationship by the signs and ring where those problems will occur at home.
  • The Mercury component describes the communication function and the potential decision of the couple’s relationship by the signs and rings that will be played at home.
  • The Venus component describes the relative abilities and social and financial values ​​of a couple’s communication potential by the signs and arenas it will play at home.
  • Composite Mars describes the affirmative and aggressive functional activity of a couple’s communication potential by the signs and arenas it will play at home.
  • The Jupiter Composite describes the expansion of the philosophical and worldview of a couple’s relationship potential by the signs and arenas it will play at home.
  • Composite Saturn describes the traditional arrangement function, the responsibility of the potential relationship of the couple by the signs and the ring that will be played at home.
  • The Uranus composition describes the non-traditional and unusual search forward of the couple’s relationship potential by the signs and arenas it will play at home. Can you talk chemically?
  • The Neptune Composite describes the imaginative, inspirational, or distracting function of a couple’s relationship potential by signs and arenas that will play at home.
  • Composite Pluto describes the power, maneuver, or obsessive / compulsive function of a couple’s relationship dynamics by the signs and arenas it will play at home.
  • The increase in the composition indicates the prediction of the couple, the resistance skills and the response to the atmosphere of the potential relationship of the couple by the signal. (Climber is house number 1). This is how self-relationships are viewed by others.
  • Half-Heaven shows the couple’s drive to height goals and potential for success, while the couple’s team relationships are potentially marked by signs. (The center of the sky is 10ទី Home basket). This is what shows the needs of couples to achieve or achieve.
  • The northern lunar node represents the group interaction and collective influence of outsiders to the couple’s potential for communication by the signs and arenas it will play at home.

The traditional use of aspects will show the interrelationships between planets and points. I reduced the trajectory of the effect to 5 degrees because the components are construction, not real time and space wheels.

Always remember that composition and reading are about lovers, not individuals. Include potential words in your reading because the compound represents what a relationship is and how it will work if the couple meets 50% of the means on all issues.

Components are very valuable in the early stages of a relationship because that is what the people involved are seeing and experiencing. If you are concerned about what you see in a prophetic composition, it is not easy to get participants to see your concerns clearly. They see relationships through filters of wants, needs and expectations. They want it to succeed, so it’s hard to accept that problems may be lurking. Sometimes you have to rain on someone’s parade to point out every aspect you see and not just the positives. Real-time monitoring takes place in a partner relationship wheel based on real-time calculations. Let’s see.

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