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Individualistic Sucess Models

In the model of personal success, success is not due to the individual’s relationship with the external environment or place in society, but rather to the problem of the individual’s achievements or, in some cases, the measure of his relationship with God. These patterns have their roots in Protestant Calvinism and are the pattern you will see in the book “Success”.

Examples discussed include

Protestant work ethic model

America’s Success Model

New Age model.

Protestant work ethic

According to Max Weber (1904, 1905), it was John Calvin who introduced the theoretical doctrines that combined with Martin Luther to develop important new attitudes toward work. Calvin was a French theorist whose concept of predestination was revolutionary. At the heart of the Calvinist faith are the elect, those chosen by God to receive eternal life. All other people are corrupted and nothing can be changed because God does not change. While it is impossible to know whether a person is an elect or not, one can understand it based on his or her personal encounter with God. Externally, the only evidence is in the daily life and conduct of the individual, and the success of worldly endeavors is a sign of inclusion that can be a choice. A person who is indifferent and shows laziness is certainly one of the corrupt, but a person who is active, meek, and diligent proves to himself and others that he is God’s chosen one.

Kalin taught that all people should work, even the rich, because work is God’s will. It is man’s duty to serve as God’s instrument on earth to restore the world in the way of the Kingdom God and become part of the continuing process of His creation. Men should not lust after wealth or comfortable living, but should profit from their labor Go invest more. So the income is invested again and again, indefinitely or until the end of time. Using money to help others recover from a life of poverty violates God’s will because people can prove that they are among the elect through their own work.

Choosing a career and finding it to achieve the highest possible profit is considered by Calvinists as a religious obligation. Not only tolerance, but the motivation for unlimited profit is a radical departure from the Christian faith of the Middle Ages. Moreover, unlike Luther, Calvin considered it appropriate to find a career that would provide the highest possible income. If that means giving up business, family or profession, the change is not only allowed, but it is considered an individual’s religious obligation.

Work-related standards developed from the Protestant Reformation based on the combined theoretical teachings of Luther and Calvin encouraged work in selected positions with an attitude of service to God. One and avoid imposing greater spiritual dignity. More work than any other job, agreeing to work diligently for maximum profit requires a reinvestment of profits back into the individual’s business, allowing an individual to transition from his or her father’s craft or profession and succeed. Involved in one’s work with the possibility of becoming part of God. Select.

“American Dream” Success Model

The current paradigm of business and career motivation, most closely linked to the “American Dream,” emphasizing individual achievement, competition and dominance, has occurred for at least the last 50 years.

Unlike the Calvinist-based work ethic, the motivation for making money is no longer saving for the future, but what Thornstein Veblen, the famous 19th-century economist, defined as “practical use.” Luxury homes, luxury cars, luxury electronics and exotic vacations create the illusion of wealth. The philosophy of Amway Corporation, now known as Quixtel in the United States, is a good expression of relevant ideas. Amway Corporation is a direct selling organization that manufactures and markets products using a multi-level marketing system (or MLM for short term).

Multi-level marketing is a form of direct sales where manufacturers allow independent contractors to sell their products directly to consumers through intermediaries and retailers. Using an empty garage or bedroom as a warehouse and home office as a business center, distributors make a profit by buying wholesale from their company and selling to customers at retail prices. MLM is also a recruitment business. Distributors are allowed to register other individuals to be part of their company’s distribution force and are paid a commission on the purchase of wholesale products made by recruiters. Both methods give consumers new options to get what they want.

Motivation for work and the only measure of success measured is money and goods that money can buy:

This is a business and the main reason people work in any business is to make money that can not only help them pay their bills but also fulfill other goals. These can be short-term or long-term goals, and they can be large (like buying a new home) or small (like saving for a vacation).

Better living standards are a common incentive and reward for startups of all kinds. Money – and what it can buy – is a universally recognized indicator of success that distributors use to motivate and build trust for their business. “target =” _new “>

Another important point of this success model is that a person is only to blame for his own success for failure. And given the low success rate in Amway, “… data from an investigative report shows that only 1,000 of the more than 200,000 distributors have ever received a direct distributor rating or higher.” Provide success for those who enter the business [Bromley, 1995:151]. How can all these people with good meaning not succeed?

The only ideologically accepted explanation is that these well-meaning people are not committed to “dreaming”.

Amway is a performance-based business that rewards people in direct proportion to their efforts. The bigger the financial goal, the more time and effort the distributor will need to put into his business. With the Amway business, the distributor can work as much or as little as he likes. Rewards are based on the achievements of the direct distributor. (From Amway

Unrelated product. It is keeping the dream alive and resisting everything that can rob one of The American Dream included. For “Dreams” is the blessing of the divine will, the American way, the moral family and the free enterprise system. .

Recently, successful American models have been in the spotlight. Competition for the business and job markets is fierce. Business beliefs have been eroded by corporate fraud scandals, massive layoffs and the release of resources. However, at least for now, it is still one of the most successful models in America today.

New Perspectives on Success

The philosophy of the new age gets its name from the belief that we are at the level of the new age. New Agers claim that the world is going through a changing pattern, a time that has embraced the way of thinking and making changes. Significant changes due to recent discoveries.

The invention of writing and agriculture, for example, led to a paradigm shift that led to a completely new way of life. According to New Agers, we are undergoing a paradigm shift through recent discoveries in physics and psychology.

The (left) judgmental part of our brain determines our potential for creativity. Instead, the right side of our brain tells us that reality is what we create. We need to be more creative to live within our means. In fact, some New Agers believe that we are truly gods with mysterious powers that we do not know exist, including the ability to transform reality into our desires.

We have these abilities because they have a common ground between animals and the universe. The discovery of nuclear physics that matter and energy are the same shows that everything is created by the same energy. As a result, we are energetic creatures interacting with the energy of our environment to create our own destiny.

The connection between spirituality and money is illustrated in the “Self-Help” books of many new eras, combining techniques for mental and spiritual well-being with techniques for financial success. 8 According to modern thinking, your mental health and financial health are closely related. . As a result, the idea that “truth is what you create it” often translates to “reality, your economy is what you do it” is open to new experiences and continues with risk taking. And recent investments.

The New Age movement has adapted many of the same tools used by the Eastern and Wicca traditions we discussed: Crystal Tarot cards, astrological meditation techniques. Sight.

Confirmation is a positive statement, just say it again to yourself as you go about your daily activities. You do not have to “listen” consciously, just play it in the background. Your subconscious mind listens and retains the affirmations that have been said so and begins to develop a more progressive mindset. Your mind will pick personal issues and focus on those issues. Examples are:

  • There is an unlimited supply and it is mine
  • I release my need for financial insecurity
  • I am financially secure
  • I am surrounded by love given to people
  • I release my need to feel lacking
  • I have everything I want or need
  • I am no longer afraid of wealth and well-being
  • I am healthy and wealthy
  • I allow myself to grow
  • I believe I will create diversity
  • I have more than I need in all areas of my life
  • I open myself to the richness of the universe
  • I no longer need debt
  • I am a solvent
  • I am safe and secure
  • I enjoy a steady stream of positive energy
  • I am loved, accepted, recognized and admired

Creative and active vision is focused on daydreaming. You create in your eyes a vision, an idea, and that idea has energy. Just like in a dream, your mind seems to work best with images. Thus, sight, along with confirmation, is a powerful tool of creation.

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