How To Draw A Male Fashion Figure Step By Step 7 Ways To Get An "Unavailable" and "Disinterested" Guy To Become Available And Interested In You!

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7 Ways To Get An "Unavailable" and "Disinterested" Guy To Become Available And Interested In You!

You have fallen hard for this man, but he does not feel the same way. In fact, he tells you that he is not ready yet or that he just wants to be friends! Of course you know better, and you wonder what it’s all you need to do to make this guy finally fall for you.

I will tell you now that it is simpler than you think … all you have to do is find out the human heart and how it works and then you will have everything you need to make him People who are and are interested in you. Follow these 7 tips to understand exactly what it’s all you need to do to make “unusable” and “uninteresting” men interested and interested in you ….

# 1. Climb the social ladderYou are not very popular now (in his opinion) and even if you are, you are not in the right “social” position for him to date you. That’s because your society shuts him down … He really doesn’t look at you like someone he’ll find himself hanging out with.

This is why you have to climb the social ladder and become the kind of person he can see himself joining … and the kind of person he would be proud of around the court. It helps to get to know people he knows or likes so you can learn to be more like them and so you can learn what this guy is looking for in a friend or acquaintance.

On the other hand, when you do this, you give him a chance to notice you more. And when he sees that his friends are confident in talking to you or hanging out with you, he will be impressed that you are someone he can hang out with.

The social ladder also extends to your work and school, where you earn the respect and trust of your superiors so that they speak well of you and use you as an example … that it makes He is interested in you and makes him notice. You more.

When a “social” person is happy and interested in you, it gives him a solid reason to be interested as well. Not only that, a man will want a woman who “likes” in public and is wanted by others.

If he notices that people like you more than other women, this will naturally make him attractive because it means that others see the potential in you … and that you have something to offer.

# 2. RudeWhat’s in it for him if you’re too simple and will cling to his hand with a heartbeat?

But a woman who is passionate, knows that she is good (and does not cost less) and does not give her attention and time easily is the kind that fascinates him because she is a challenge and give Give him something to work on.

It’s hard to meet a crazy woman because she knows exactly what she wants and gets it … and nothing less. It’s attractive because a man knows that if he is attracted to a woman by such an attitude, that means he is also great.

Every man out there wants to feel special and unique … and there is something that will make him feel great than catching a woman who definitely does not need him but chooses him … because that kind of woman is The kind of person who wants a man for what he really is; Instead of women following men for other things, such as money, attention, emotional support.

# 3. Expel him from the area of ​​interestHe may have told you that he just wanted to be friends, so you foolishly befriend him. Or you know him, but let me tell you, he is just using you and getting everything he wants from you without any commitment.

You have no benefit at all from giving him attention, time, benefits, help or anything else without him committing or dating you. Only He benefits from that.

Do not let him laugh one last time there and kick him out of the advantage area to be honest that he really has a reason to Make a commitment to you and make an appointment with you. The reason is: if he does not, he gets “NADA … NOTHING … ZILCH!” … and no one likes rejection.

It’s a denial to him because you used to give him some benefits but now you take it off. Since he knows you have some of the things he wants (but does not want you enough yet) he will try to get you back immediately to get them again.

Obviously the rich want to give, but the problem is that you give it to him easily and simply … so it makes him lose interest in dating you, but tell him he can still be friends with You’re still friends. Get everything.

Men will not see the problem of using women, especially if she allows. This is why it is important to draw that line and cut him out immediately … so he can see your value And value you. A complete rejection of the benefit area is the only way to go and he will feel rejected because you will take away everything he really likes about you.

Then he will long for you more and will wonder if you have anything else to give now that he can really sit down and see what he is missing and dissatisfied with while he has you.

# 4. Show confidence is not insecureDo not look down on him if he walks by and looks at you, instead look at him straight, smile a little, and walk through … and most certainly do not call him 1000 times if he does not answer. Because you do not want to face insecurity and extreme poverty.

Instead, show confidence, and if he does not call, do not pretend it is a big deal, on the contrary, pretend nothing: confidence.

On the other hand, do not intimidate yourself, but be confident that he will have no choice but to be arrested. Feelings. Do this in public and show your confidence as much as possible so that others talk about you too: Good public PR is a quick way to get him to want you.

If you go to the same school or work in the same place or go through the same place every day … be sure what you are doing if it is your school project, your job or just follow … then you show From reliability … and good at it.

This is why you should improve everything you do in public or whatever you always do when around him so that he starts to get interested and interested in you because you will do things differently from other women and vice versa. Interesting for him because you ACT is different and something new.

# 5. Want and refuseNothing makes a man more confused and compelling than a woman who flirts for a minute but rejects him the next time.

A story like this tells him: “You know … sometimes you get really interesting, but then you also have this boring part about who makes me bored.

Or:“I have another place for communication on my phone. I think I will add this guy who made me “Recently disturbed.”

Or: “I can not go beyond the fact that you are tall. I used to like it, but now I think maybe you are too tall for me.”

This tells him you like him, but at the same time urges him to show himself to you because now you are saying he is not good enough … and he will fall for this trick … because you basically say He had the potential to be something, but not now.

More than that, you increase his ego and then he starts to get this dependence on you to feel good and want but in seconds you take it away. This leads him to try to get it back because he knows it feels good and for a while expects you to praise him but you did not follow expectations and now his curiosity to find To see the cause even more.

# 6. Makes him wonderDo not explain yourself to this man and do not become a prophet. Do something that makes him realize he really has all the wrong people and makes him think there is more to it. What he thought from the beginning.

Change your habits and do not just give him answers to everything that makes him guess … because such curiosity leads men to actively try to find answers and leads men to find out about you.

This means you have to start doing things he never expected you to do. If you are always wearing high heels and a beautiful girl … Do not be afraid to appear like yourself, also stupid if you want to do Alone … makes him wonder who you are and starts trying to find out.

It also helps if you use suggested actions and words to make him think you are going to do something and make him think you are interested. But it also makes him think that you may not be … which is why he is confused and makes him try so hard to get the final answer of both answers.

For example … you can lean over him and pretend you are going to hug him, but instead grab his shirt and say, “Oh, there is hair all over your shirt … you shed more than my cat!” And laugh. At first he would think you would hug him, but now you just do the opposite, and not only that, you are laughing at him.

Another example: Say you will call him … and do not. Now he will wonder why you say you will not … and will want to talk to you more.

It goes on, on the other hand, the idea is unpredictable and is guided through “hot and cold” methods that make him always think of himself a second time and make him chase you more to try to understand. If you like him now and also to find you out.

# 7. Learn the art of conversation What you say has a profound effect on the first impression, and how you say it has another effect on how you meet him. Learn to be a good communicator and understand how you should talk to men.

For example, “suggestions” in a conversation can do a lot because it does not tell him what to do (he will not feel like a boss) and it allows him to make a choice … and it is also The best way to persuade men. An example of this is if a woman says the following to a man: “You know, I thought of something interesting about you yesterday. Actually, food … don’t worry!”

This type of suggestion is the kind that tells him that you may think or know something about him but will not tell him. His curiosity grows to want to know it now, just because you never told him … and is giving him the option to know.

It was also persuasive because he did not know what it could be and now even more wondering … because you really did not give him much clues. A man likes to control his emotions and the best way to do that is to introduce him to things so that he can decide to choose them and to make him feel that it is all his thoughts.

An example of this would say something like:

“There are no good people in the city, they are all comedians. I have to be single to protect myself from everything. Besides, I do not want to date a loser who does not like me!”

This tells him that you can put him in that category, which makes him want to find out if you really think he is not a good fisherman. Because you think there is no good man, he will want to be an exception now, because you told him honestly that if If a man becomes aspiring, he will be special and wonderful.

You also drive him to want to be a man to please you, because now you say you are not easy and end Then tell him that you will be a woman who does not want to be weird or a loser … and instead save yourself for the best.

When you learn how to talk to a man and use discussion, you will find that he will do what you want without asking …

This always makes him wonder and interested in you because you do not say something directly (and give him a chance to reject you).

But this approach indirectly tells him something that gives him the option to accept it (and acknowledge that he is a poor quality catcher) or prove that you are wrong (which means he has to chase you). And interested. You now); And naturally he will want both of you: show you the wrong so he can increase his ego and self-esteem.

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