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Destruction and Creation – A New Jobs Hyperbole

How to get from here to there and back again? Do not let children wear gum or make our situation too easy. When running new or current business models and technologies instead of legacy, it is important to ask the question “creative destruction”.

Technology, without a doubt, remains the largest job creator in the country and possibly the world. In fact, our country has bloody jobs across the coast of other countries.

As the “talking head” hierarchies promised, in relation to the mobile industry and public and private Wi-Fi networks, partnerships are being formed. These secret plans include Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York and other small subway areas. They are all working on a way to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and turn off digital distribution as well. This challenge is addressed with the implementation of heavy support.

“Such a large deployment is tolerable. Preston is the vice president and editor-in-chief of Technical Weekly News. He says the Wi-Fi metro provider has gone bankrupt. As you sell equipment, search for higher places. In addition, government opportunists move on to the next big project.

Although the national unemployment rate remains a staggering 9 percent, technology vendors and policymakers are taking credit for millions of new jobs created by the United States.

As you probably know, other parts of the economy are losing jobs as fast as the tech industry created them. These job creation demands are at their best, an exaggeration – Bunch of Bull.

According to Preston, Cloud, Mobile, Apps, and Big Data all claim to create millions of jobs in the United States. And yet the national unemployment rate is 8.3 percent, and most probably higher. Many people are excluded because they do not have enough access to unemployment benefits. These people are unlikely to be included or added to the roles they constantly cite, creating miscalculations.

Job creation claims that it makes sense for Microsoft to point to cloud providers. Technology vendors plan to double their workforce this year. They say cloud and mobile applications are giving birth to millions of jobs in the United States.

That arrogance makes me wonder. If so, why is the national unemployment rate so high? The unemployment rate in the United States is between eight and ten percent. These numbers are wreaking havoc on the US economy.

IDC reports that in a recent announcement, the cloud computing movement will create more than thirteen million technology and related jobs worldwide by 2015.

Preston also noted in his report that Seattle-based Vorsite and partners plan to double their workforce before the end of the year. However, IDC and Microsoft argue about the size of the public and private cloud economy. To increase the budget for new business ventures, they will have to lower IT costs and customer processes. This change will add to the work as well. Their analysis left behind the effectiveness achieved through infrastructure consolidation. This missed fact will eliminate IT jobs even if it creates new jobs elsewhere. The author actually agrees with Rob Preston when he realizes that putting numbers on net profit in this case is more of a guess than science. It is unreasonable to specify that relocated work is expected to show a more productive ROI.

The idea of ​​merging seems to always lead to job cuts as parent companies begin to eliminate job vacancies. It has promised to bring home 5,000 call center jobs. Multi-skill matching is assumed to be unemployment and clearance or system build-up. Alas, they created five thousand IT jobs plus … while twelve out of eight million people in the United States could not get useful jobs. Lots of new jobs – and another million points – abandoned the job search effort – and just went away.

Big Data CIO’s is looking for business intelligence and analytics experts. Another sector, according to a report last year by U.S. organizations, could face a shortage of 100,000 to 200,000 people by 2018. These are people with in-depth analytical skills, along with more than a million managers and analysts who know how to use big data analytics systems – allowing for effective decisions. With new jobs comes new training and the need for retraining for existing ones.

500 MHz will be released as part of an agreement with the FCC National Wireless Communications Agency, the broadcaster that bids unused wireless communications over the Internet. The FCC president considers the proposed bid as a government job program.

“Some areas have more promise for job creation than phones” is what he said to electronic users showing the audience.

Shell Gamers and Mobile Technology are the number one attraction of job creation. Preston reports that in a desperate attempt to win approval for a $ 39 billion deal to take over T-Mobile, AT&T has accepted enough debate to debate how the merger will create thousands of jobs. New Americans.

AT&T has linked some of those jobs to billions of dollars. They said they would pay for the expansion of their mobile internet network.

The analysis team conducted a study for apples. It generates numbers, creates jobs indirectly. The analysis applied the coefficient of work. The Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis developed the tool. The Congressional Budget Office estimates how much of the 2009 stimulus work was created. The variable number danced between one, six million to eight points, four million.

The analysts were not included in the estimates of their job creation, bus drivers, transporters, managers, butchers, bakers and lamp manufacturers, as well as others who may or may not owe their livelihoods. For the financial size of Apple and its employees in any way or fashion.

Microsoft is not alone in the job fiasco numbers. Like Apple, friends have been criticized for their performance. In some factories, offshore suppliers have released the results of studies they have appointed to claim their responsibility and recognition for the creation and support of five hundred thousand jobs in the United States. Partner companies and suppliers made them two hundred and fifty-seven thousand – they claim to have formed glass manufacturers and shipping companies. Third-party software developers have claimed forty-seven thousand new jobs that have been directly recruited. Apple’s claim to fame is, of course, these jobs would not exist if it were not for them.

South Mountain Economics used the coefficient to estimate the App Economy employment figure to the rest of the US economy. It is noted that coefficients of 2.4 and 3.4 were used to mark the work impact of the nationwide Internet spread and coefficients compared to other studies. A conservative figure of 1.5 served as payment. It will show that every Economy App creates 0.5 more jobs in the rest of the US economy.

Technet, a lobby group representing CEOs of the technology industry and other executives, has started a separate study. They discovered the so-called software economy – third-party development of lightweight software for Amazon, Google, RIM (Research In Motion), Microsoft, Zynga, Facebook and Apple, among others – created and A total of about five. Hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect US jobs since the launch of the iPhone and the creation of the App Store.

What is it like for smart business and analysis of job figures and job destruction – job creation evaluation?

Emotion analysis is measuring the mood of social media and is integrated by companies that monitor community-driven websites. It really takes new strategies and skills to get a position in the new world of IT, Communications and Analytics.

People talk to each other, right? What it costs is the cloud …

Until later …

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