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Fashion Industry Debates What Size Models Should Be

“You can not argue with a fool. You can not argue with a fool.” Whose quote is this? I saw it as a situation on social media. (I want to give credit when the credit is due.) Sometimes we all make the mistake of knowing something that there is no way someone can change our mind about a particular topic, but when The situation is reversed and other people are doing “crazy” and “stupid” things … it’s just frustrating.

This point was raised because I did not try to be “stupid” and debate something that was supposed to be controversial, but while researching one of my topics, I thought of that quote as I restrained myself from A comment on a popular fashion show. Website. I’m not very interested in what, where and how the debate is going on among models, photographers and some other representatives of the fashion industry. Everyone has their own ideas on the topic of beauty, who should be a fashion star and their role in the fashion industry. Models come in all shapes, sizes, races and experience levels, but once you get a lot of industry experts together and watch them chat in an open discussion online about Plus Size models … beware!

Ignoring the term “plus size model” and just talking about the “size” topic is a hotly debated topic. At present, some things are true in the modeling industry:

• It is not just for “pretty girl” or “Ken-doll” guys.

• It is not just for tall and thin people.

• You can become a successful model without being famous.

• The model works for the customer and is paid to represent the leased image.

• And everything else related to work ethic, personality and profession is very much the same in this industry, no matter what kind of model you are.

So those debating the standard of what the true IS model should look at what they say is a FACT that cannot be “disputed” with. The point is that the customer or the person working on behalf of the customer is the one who hires the model. That is FACT. Be it designers, clients, businesses, corporations, magazines, photographers, advertising agencies, etc … they are just some of the people who decide what kind of model they want. It is their standard of how they want their product to be seen by consumers. It is their choice.

If High Fashion magazine wants a high-end Zero model for editorial publishing … that’s their choice. If they do not attract a large group of consumers to buy their magazine because they disconnect a large group of people that size, that is their loss as well, but it is their choice to make a brand. Their brand is exclusive to those consumers who are stylish and up-to-date. And have money to spend on their advertisers. Sometimes they forget that people over size 8 can be a modern and wealthy world as well.

Some magazines have come up with smaller Plus models, so again, it’s still their choice. Regarding size. They do it for their own reasons, but it has nothing to do with equality in modeling. Modeling is not an “equal opportunity employer”. They are considered contract employees who can usually work for many different clients and are highly hired on their appearance and face frequent physical criticism. Not a few people care that they work under harsh conditions, work long hours and have no guaranteed 15 minutes or lunch time. Go for it on a joint basis. With that said, there can still be passions from models who enjoy what they do. Many models tend to withdraw from the industry, especially when they are not organized about how the business operates, do not seek out their niche, or do not make enough money and are frustrated with the industry.

Beyond that, and beyond some of the dubious conditions that the models were exposed to, they still do it and do their best. If not, they will not be able to complain to the “boss” for long. Modeling is an option for individuals, so if good deeds do not go beyond bad … maybe it is not the right career. Models may be the center of attention, but they are not the ones making the most difference in the industry without customers giving them the opportunity to shine. The same option is true for whether designers are represented during Fashion Week by Plus Size Models to showcase their Plus clothes on the runway. Many hackers do not even have a plus size design. They will hire anyone who shows off their clothes in the best possible way. Some designers see that consumer demand for large sizes is represented in fashion, but only a few are truly inspired by the design for this group.

Over the past decade, the industry standard for High Fashion model sizes has dropped from 4/6 to 0/2. The same reduction of the Plus model from size 14/16 down to size 8 indicates the same trend where smaller sizes and better shooting angles are still sought after. Models are human figures or human “hangers”, so it is their job to sell them. Note: Some designers do not have the creative or talented motivation to develop a more formal outfit. That’s not their fault if they do not have a passion for creating specific outfits that fit medium to plus size individuals. Art eyes in the modeling industry can have a misconception about themselves and what they consider to be a disadvantage to others. However, models of both small ends of these size ranges can be leased to represent their customers, but other sizes of plus models and consumers argue that this is unfair. I have also seen their arguments and they are willing to argue and demand respect, but many Plus models take it directly when they are overlooked for the smaller models. It can be frustrating for any model to believe they deserve the bookings that other models receive. That alone is a common experience that everyone eventually experiences, so whether it is 2/4/6 or 12/14/16 … it is up to the customer to interpret what they think Represent them best to consumers. Nothing personal … it’s a business and an important point.

Ultimately, modeling is a career choice as a subject, so before the industry can drastically change and increase the size of the model that represents them, everyone must consider the industry as a business. Becoming a good role model is not easy, so for those who are talented, they aspire to find the right job for their career. Yes, there are artistic elements for many parts of the industry, as well as portraits and proper placement techniques, but the role of a career as a model is to be “whatever” the role that clients hire them to be. It is not meant to be a personal insult to you as a person, but a lesson in adapting to the flow of what you are hired to do. There are many models who give up or never seek their “niche” in the industry, but it is not necessary for people in the industry or the general public to “salt salt on open wounds” by making people feel That they are not true. The model is not known or has zero size.

If you have been in a position to express judgment or just read about the industry … be open-minded that it takes all sizes, shapes, races and genres to be in this profession. This process can be stressful on people’s self-esteem, especially for long-term career choices. Sometimes when you read comments and discussions on some of these industry topics you will see people who are supposed to know what they are talking about because they are models, photographers and so on. . Everyone has the right to express themselves, but when you see a person who demands only one way is “right” or one type is “beautiful” … know that “you can not argue with madness, you can not argue with fools. No “.

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