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Tiger Woods – Why? Part 2 – Power, Fame and Ego

(This article is not intended to promote or discredit Tiger Woods. It is simply offered as a means of communicating his personal number in his chart with the events and circumstances of his life and destiny. To increase the understanding of numerology as a science).

As the Saga of Tiger Woods continues to unfold, its lessons emerge as magnets, microscopes, magnifying glasses, and education. Tragedy, like this human tragedy, its lessons are rich in endless principles and life lessons, universal: success, failure, traps, traps, pain, and heartbreak. It really is a flower pot, both lifestyle and non-lifestyle. However, it is a normal part of life that we know. No one in the world is perfect. We all make mistakes, and most likely there are many cabinets full of skeletons, both fresh and rotten. The thing in this story is that Tiger Woods is the most publicly recognized sports icon in the world, despite the fact that who he is is very different from the person he portrays. This article goes on to explore a question that the whole world is asking, “Why?”

Tigers and the Power of Numbers 8 and 9

As the eighteenth-century French patriot Suzanne Necker put it briefly. Luck does not change men, it does not hide them. What the world is seeing of thirty-four-year-old Tiger Woods is really unknown who he is. All of our lives are destined … to breathe. It is no different from Tiger Woods. Moreover, leopards never change their place. We are the same. We are all born with a blueprint for life. We go through different stages of our lives, especially the stages marked in our Life Matrix, and we can grow with the higher frequencies of specific internal energies that define us, but our basic patterns are determined and determined by High energy even before we were born. Why they are the only way to know God. Our job is to do all we can with them, learn from them, grow from them, and even release the karma from the past that is associated with them.

Tiger: 9 expressions

In numerology, expressions identify individuals as whole components complemented by wealth, debt, desire, and personality. Tiger Woods was born “Eldrick Tont Woods” on December 30, 1975. His birth name is equivalent to the simple number 9, called “Grand Elemental” in the king’s number system. As a password, nine (9) is unique because when it is added to another single password, the result is always that number. For example, 9 + 8 = 17> 1 + 7 = 8. Note that when 9 is added to 8, the result is 8. 9 plus 3 will result in 3 minus: 9 + 3 = 12> 1 + 2 = 3. It is the same with each number. No other number has this quality. It is unique for 9.

This wonderful attribute makes nine noble truths. Because humans are really the energy identified with the number plate when joining Tiger Woods. [or any 9 person]They will feel connected because their specific energy will be reflected to them by the nine individuals. This is one of the reasons 9 has energy – it integrates with everyone and everyone identifies with it because it reflects itself.

Nine (9) is also dominant, and it would be an appropriate phrase to say “nine rules.” Why this? If all passwords are in the alpha number spectrum [the single digits 1 to 9] Is summed and reduced to a single digit, the result is 9. Example: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45> 4 + 5 = 9. So 9 has all of the same numbers in itself, emphasizing its charming and chameleon attributes. The caveat is that 9 is so potentially potential that it could become dominant to a serious error.

Nine (9) other characteristics as well. In numerology, it is the number of public stages, fame, fame, travel, art, theater, expansion, universal attention, philanthropy, broadcast, end, end, and end of cycle.

All 9 numbers have two sides, one good; A bad one. 9 Can be a great ruler or a wicked tycoon. Energy is energy, whether it is nuclear or personal. Used properly, it can bring great and amazing benefits to all. Used improperly, it creates a living hell for everyone. And moreover, whatever it creates, it creates a reward for itself. What we put on the circle of life always revolves around us, whether positive or negative energy. We sow; We reap. It is the irrevocable law of creation, and no one – no king, queen, poor, prince, celebrity or even a world golf icon – can escape it.

Abuse of power is common, which is why Lord Acton stated in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton of London . Power tends to be corrupt and absolute power is completely destroyed. Good men are always bad, even when they are influential and powerless.

Money and lots always create a sense of world power. Because people are attracted to money and power, it puts those in power in danger, especially men who lack patience and are immersed in the pleasures of copying their enduring energy with their sexuality. Women. With this power attached to each other, so is the number of animal hangers, predators, vultures and flies. And since the number 9 mixes with everyone, it can, if it is not careful, become mixed with those souls and creatures who are dark, sensual, impulsive and negative. If one desires to be in power or to be in power but lacks the strength and wisdom, it is easy to see how a person will fall into the hands of a filthy character, and thus suffer the ropes and arrows of bad luck, and surely Woods’ Saga deserves’ bad luck ‘bill [respects to you, Mr. Shakespeare]. It is this aspect of the nine powers that helped ignite Tiger Woods, creating a scenario that is revealed and coincidentally with a powerful iron and is reportedly exploding.

Tiger’s Timeline PE of 9

In numerology, each of our native names associates with it the time or period during which the name is active. Tiger’s first name was “Eldrick”. It equals 8. When we add his Lifepath number a 1 [we’ll discuss this next]The result is 9 power results of power, fame and fame. This second 9 in Tiger’s table creates a stack, which is a condition for generating a greater intensity of energy 9. This set of influences / facts 8/9. [I/R set for short] Take control of Tiger’s life from birth to the age of thirty-five. It is also a combination that shows success. [8] With the powerful public results of domination [9] The tiger has been privileged since birth. The sad part is that unless those with this combination have an understanding of the spiritual issues accompanied by humility, the success of the world always reaches the swollen heads of the people and inflates them with essential but false emotions. Of their ego blinds them and so on. Makes them very sad. If there is humility over the ego, there will be no sorrow. Power will be given to God, not to himself, so the self cannot fall into the abyss of self-esteem, self-care, and self-created problems.

Tiger’s first match: 9/9

Nine power boosts is the first challenge in Tiger’s life. [from birth to age thirty-five] Is the IR 9/9 set. This increases the power to control public and global influence, as well as the mix among many. With the addition of the first Challenge 9/9 set, Tiger Woods’ chart shows four of the 9s:

1. 9 expressions

2. 9 First Name [Eldrick] PE timeline

3. 9 First Competition

4. 9 PE First Match

This is really a huge amount of power of power, domination and public appeal. However, when things go awry, so does power. None of us have it forever.

Tiger’s sense of Ego, Self, Uniqueness and the number 1

Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975. This date creates 1 Lifepath, a script of his life that shows the problems, events and lessons – both positive and negative – he will encounter. Combined with his 9 Expressions, this 1 Lifepath also creates 1 Performance / Experience cipher or PE, a component of one’s Basic Matrix that defines the roles that a person will play on the great stage of life. This is another example of stacking, this time involving energy 1.

Number 1 is a sign of ego, self, yang / masculinity, action, independence, strength of will, self-reliance. When the numbers 9 and 1 are combined as they are in Tiger’s case, 1 PE [or reality cipher] Be saturated with the vibrations of self and ego. E Online quotes Tiger Woods high school girlfriend Dina Parr as saying that when she was in college, she developed an “untouchable pride” that increased with the number of women in her life. It was scenes 1 and 9 that really played and continues to play a major role in Woods’ troubled life.

What is the solution to all these self-absorbed disasters? The answer is, as it always does with adjusting one’s life to cover a unique fact. [1]God and His power, while the subordinates, the self-saturated, and I first pushed ourselves to a higher reality. If we have power, it is because God has given it to us. If we have money, it is because God has given it to us. If we are fortunate enough to have skills and abilities that are greater than others, making us the best people in the world, it is because of God’s permission. Everything is from God. Nothing comes from itself. The trap is that we think our talents and successes are ours and are created by us. They are not and are not. They belong to God and are given to us by Him, and when we put ourselves first and participate in the great sin of ungrateful gratitude and thank God. For our good fortune, we are on the verge of collapse, and the greater the illusion, the greater our ego, the greater the sense of personal greatness, the greater the collapse. Humpty Dumpty has a large head. He fell and he fell from such a high place, and in such an explosion when he hit the ground that “all the king’s horses and all the king’s soldiers could not put Humpty Dumpty back.” .

Tiger Woods experienced the Humpty-Dumpty collapse. Can he live together again? Maybe to some degree, but until he rejects his ideas, principles, actions, and attitudes, putting God first, not himself. That’s how it stays with all of us. When it comes, no matter how big we think, we have nothing. Science has shown that there are more stars than sand on all the beaches of the world. With such greatness, what level do we all have, including our reputation, wealth, power, status, or fame?

Wrapping up humbly is the first thing Tiger Woods or any of us for that matter has to do to fix his life. As Saint Jagat Singh put it: Humility is a true sign of greatness. Branches bearing fruit fold down. So it is with real greatness.

If Tiger decides not to revolutionize his life, his thoughts and attitudes, he will continue to be one of the immortal souls, Dr. Samuel Johnson quotes in his Vanity of Human Wishes:

No-Crowd Supplier Crowd at Preferment Gate,

The thirst for wealth and the burning to become great;

Fortune ឮ incessant calling;

They get up, they glow, evaporate and fall!

~ Finished

Richard 2010 Richard Andrew King

All rights reserved

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