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3 Aspects to Success in Triathlon

Because my 2016 goals have been set and my race has been chosen, the real strategy of achieving great results this year has come to the fore. There are three aspects to success in triathlon that need to be mastered by any aspiring athlete. These aspects include a robust triathlon training plan, a nutrition plan, and equipment upgrades / maintenance. For amateur triathletes, each of these aspects can be challenging and costly, but very necessary. Hopefully you will find that these aspects can be mastered in low cost fashion.

Strong Triathlon Training Plan:

The first aspect that triathletes must acquire and master is the triathlon training plan. No one can show up one day and have no plans for a specific workout. I know that when I first started training for triathlon, I did not have a solid plan. I would think to myself, “Just run a little bit, ride a little bike and swim a little, everything will be fine.” Sure, you can use this trick and finish the triathlon, but if you want to succeed, you have to have a solid plan.

Each plan will help you to have the right diversity for your training. You need a variety of low heart rate exercises (zone 2) as you build bigger machines of your cardiovascular system. You also need high-intensity training to develop your top speed for triathlon. After all, triathlon is racing and speed counting. Because triathlon really has a mix of speed and endurance, you need to have a plan that will get you going as fast as possible for as long as possible.

You can browse all over the internet and you will find triathlon plans. You can get plans for the long distance race, the Olympic distance race, the semi-iron race and the iron race. You can pay a small fee or a large amount, or you can find a plan for free. In any event, you need to find a plan that will suit you and your specific goals. Some plans will take the philosophy that you have all the time in the world to practice when you actually have time. You may need to find a different plan that will give you the workout you need in a package that fits your schedule. For a long time, I used the Time Crunched Triathlete book and made plans for my training. The plan includes more high-intensity work in shorter hours of the week. The authors acknowledge that this training regimen is suitable for those trying to sprint or Olympic long-distance racing, but is less useful for those trying the Ironman half-race or the full-time Ironman race. The important thing is to have a detailed plan and think about your needs. You do not want a plan that includes discipline and duration of exercise. You need to have exercise intervals to help you get the most out of your workout.

One of the special plans I found was the TriFuel plan for the full distance racer. This plan at one time was for purchase, but last year I found out I had free access to it. The plan is based on working from Monday to Thursday, stopping on Friday and then rehearsing. Longevity on Saturdays and Sundays. I changed this plan because I was leaving on Sunday. I exercise from Monday to Saturday. The plan also includes detailed workouts for each discipline for each day. It is customizable that there is no calendar date for beginners, but you can start at any time during the planning period. It also includes some specific markers for fitness testing so you can keep track of your progress. I used this plan last year and it really worked for me. It has a 20-week release season plan, a 12-week competitive season plan and a shorter 2-week plan. I especially like specific swimming exercises that focus on using every swim, including butterfly strokes and back strokes, to strengthen all the muscles for the swimming discipline of triathlon.

Having a solid triathlon training plan is essential for you to achieve the greatest success in your triathlon.

Nutrition plan:

One of the main reasons triathletes participate in triathlon is weight loss. I know I have benefited from my time in triathlon to lose over 50 pounds. Furthermore, if you want to be competitive, you must keep a close watch on your weight. Nutrition also helps prevent injuries and maintains the overwhelming amount of work that is going on with your body in triathlon. Nutrition is very important in helping you reach the starting line of any race in great shape and weight. It is also important to help you succeed during the race.

There is debate within triathlon over the amount of weight to be lost. Some people keep it because you lost more than 10 pounds in the Ironman distance race that you should never shoot for your bottom weight completely. You should maintain a weight that allows you to run well, but do not be too thin that you do not have fat in the race. You.

I do not have enough discipline to measure my food for every meal. In the past, I kept a thorough food diary through MyFitnessPal. I find it complicated now. I need to keep the right balance in my diet. I recently put on some weight on the holidays. I know I need to lose some weight to get ready for race day. I will do this by avoiding sugary and high-fat foods. Of course, during the holidays I have milk, peppers, noodles, cookies, cakes and more. I drank soda like never before. I ate high-fat foods like burgers and donuts. I believe that through this simple change I will lose some excess weight. Last year I was close to my target weight of 175 pounds but did not write there. I will cheat every now and then on my nutrition. With my stated goal of achieving Kona qualifications and running for over 10 hours over iron, I will focus on not cheating on my nutritional needs. I had a pretty good diet last year that avoided a lot of carbohydrates. While it took some adjustments to the lack of carbohydrates for my workouts, my body finally adjusted and I lost some of the unnecessary fat that was hanging around my waist.

Each person’s nutritional needs are different. You will need to find the right combination of foods to help you maintain your target weight and maintain your training ability. If you start attending some of your training sessions and you “like” them often, then you need to deal with this. Bonking is the process of shutting down your body because it lacks proper nutrition to keep working. There are many nutritional plans on the market, but most of them will not tell you what you eat, just how varied foods, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients you need.

I wish someone would come along and provide a 6-day daily plan of simple meals for triathlon.

Equipment upgrade / maintenance:

Every athlete needs to evaluate their current equipment and plan for any upgrades or maintenance schedules. If you are like me, you know that triathlon equipment is very expensive. If you can get some equipment, you need to take care of it. One of the biggest issues in this arena is bicycle maintenance. I am not a certified bicycle repairman, but I have watched enough online videos and read enough books to know how to properly care for my bike. I have to make sure to buy a new chain every year. I know chains can go up to 3,000-5,000 miles. I tried my move somewhere in this range or before. In particular, I want to change that before the big Ironman race in October. If you do not change your chain, at least you need to clean it and lubricate it properly. You can make a few minor updates that will make a huge difference on race day: new tires, ceramic pads in the various parts on the wheelchair and wheels, air helmets and fitting form. All of these are small improvements that could make a big difference.

Maybe there are some training aids that will help as well. Do you have a training set for kicking in the pool? Do you have a quality trainer who can ride a bike in the winter? Do you have a watch or cycling computer that can help you keep track of all your workouts?

Planning your upgrades and maintenance schedule will not take long, but they will prepare you for great success in the new year.

Each aspect of triathlon training and racing will help you achieve all of your goals next year.

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