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Graphology at Home – Lesson 6 – Sexuality

Of course, sex plays an important role in our lives. The area that represents it is the lower area, and the letter that most effectively indicates its quality is the letter g.

Although the letters f, j, p, q, y, and z also reach the lower region for the purpose of precision, graphicists focus their analysis on g and use other lower region letters for refinement. Often other letters are useful only in certain sections, whereas the author’s g-making method is always proven. It is believed among graphologists that, of the lower zone loop letters, g almost reflects sex.

The Palmer method is the type of writing we are taught to write in school. Usually when people mature, they are in one way or another part of the system they learned in school and acquire their own writing style that reflects their specific personality. People who still write in later years the way they do in school are usually immature and afraid of change, but naturally this applies to the whole handwriting, not just to create a single letter.

The passable g for the number 9 indicates the actual feeling for the figure. People who write like this are usually accountants and mathematicians.

g extending downwards indicates concentration and fatigue. This g and the previous one both lack the loops of the Palmer g method. As we will see, an increase in g is what we use to measure sexual termination. ‘g’s that do not increase at all (or as graphic experts call it a back stroke) reflect the denial of sex on the part of the author.

Concentration is explained in this way: because materialism and / or sexual interest can disrupt the thought process, these factors are avoided here and the energy of concentration is released from inhibition. So in addition to the negative personality we see in this author, there are also positive factors.

Where there is an open bottom on the oval letters (a, d, o, etc.), it indicates avoidance of sexual responsibility. It shows real cheaters, those who evade responsibility. Since this open oval is at the bottom of the letter “sexual”, we see the avoidance of sexual responsibility. As written here, this open oval can be seen as a circle that lacks something – the same part that is lacking in the personality of the author.

When the ups and downs do not go through the downward phase, it is a sign of self-masturbation or virginity, a sign of intense sex.

The down sign indicates the amount of sexual force in the author, the ups and downs, how many downs are being completed. When the descent measures 8 mm and the descent measures only 2 mm, the gap is very large. The author is very aroused by the amount of energy he is emitting compared to the amount he is receiving.

When the ascent goes through the lows on the descent, it indicates an end – to a certain extent. However, since the descent is larger than the descent, it indicates a gap in the finish – hence the frustration. As a rule of thumb, since g is assumed to be in two regions (middle and lower) and the normal size of each region is 3 mm, the portion of g in the lower region should measure an average of 3 mm for Fall. As well as for upstroke. When a downstroke measures more than an upstroke, regardless of whether it passes through an upstroke or not, the amount of frustration can be measured differently.

For example, if the downward mark measures 5 mm – 2 mm longer than the “normal” downward mark – then the bounce signal should also measure 5 mm. A 3mm “normal” increase represents 2mm of frustration.

When g is a closed triangle, it indicates who may be a duke in his house, usually due to sexual frustration. All angles indicate stiffness. When these angles are found in the lower region, they indicate that the author’s rigidity is due to what that region represents gender.

The graphic designer refers to this g structure as a “hen”. Whenever a triangle appears in the lower region, it probably means quarrel, quarrel, and so on. Whenever a triangle appears, as is the case here, with the dots below, we see writers, whether male or female, very interested in the female body. When this sign appears in a woman’s writing, it does not mean that she is a lesbian for many fashion models and women in the fashion industry write like this. It just implies being busy with the female characters. However, many lesbians write g’s using a down-pointing loop, and some women write the “male” symbol along with a triangular (female) loop that indicates bisexuality.

g with double loop is found among people with strange habits. It is associated with drug use, and it shows the confusion, perhaps the motivation that the author gave up on it. Although many physical drives are difficult to control, they more than double that.

When both ups and downs are distorted, they may represent the wrong sex.

The largest loop shows intense sexual imagination. Since the lower area reflects the gender of the individual, its size indicates that sex dominates the author’s thinking.

When the g loop is sharp at the bottom, we see a breakthrough for those who do not give up easily, those who want their own path. This author will also take revenge. He uses a hard and rigid method of sex as shown by the sharpness of the angle. (Notice how it looks like a knife.)

An ugly looking G shows a weak and / or shy person having sex. A certain amount of physical force is necessary for normal communication. The author is lacking in this section, as reflected in the weakness of the loop, which is an indicator of the physical (sexual) strength of an individual.

When g has a large triangular loop with a horizontal base in the lower region, it indicates materialism, and the fact that it is set on the basis indicates that the author needs a solid foundation for this materialism.

This is similar to the ‘g’ triangle we discussed above, but with a different graphic meaning. That one has a dot below that reflects the interest in the female form. Here the bottom is flat, horizontal.

g in the form of open 8, often among lesbians. This structure may appear as a female anatomy. The female form is in the author’s mind.

When the loop comes up, pointing to the left (self) and the bottom is inflated, it indicates materialism. That includes self-centeredness in addition to greed and selfishness.

When the low loop is attached, it shows sexy. This person lives for pleasure regardless of what may come of it.

As a rule of thumb, if the lower area is equal to or smaller than the upper area, sexual desire will be under control.

When wearing shorts, we see a person who, if he is not weak, lacks energy and sexual strength, is a person who is prone to fatigue. His condition is not healthy. He has naturally eliminated sexual energy and it is advisable that he seek counseling.

When the two ups and downs meet at the point where the downward signal begins – this is just below the ellipse of g, the same amount of base force is used in the ups and downs as in the downward phase. Under (we call it even pressure). The drop is usually a bit heavier, but it does not matter as long as there is no noticeable difference. Here we have an author who started and ended with a basic amount of sexual force – a healthy sex life.

Where the ups and downs pass through the downward stage, but somewhere in the middle or towards the bottom, the author completes the act, but he always ends before his partner. This often leads to frustration in the relationship. The author is selfish in his makeup because he lacks consideration for his partner.

The downward signal can have more pressure than the up and down, even as the up and down passes through the “correct” position. This character shows that whatever the author has is used from the beginning, but he can manage to end this act.

When the upstroke is almost an upstroke at al the action is started but it does not end. Or maybe that person always “ends” with masturbation.

What is classical romance writing? His writing, turned to the right, shows warmth, and his long bottom circle shows intense sexual feelings. We generally find that men write with more pressure than women.

If you look at ‘g’s closely, but they can pass for a’s because of their very short length, we often find that sex has become obsolete. There is no natural exit (as shown by almost no length), so the author derives his pleasure from unhealthy forms of expression such as pain. It is the writings of a sadist.

The Marquis de Sade (from which we get the word “sadist”) wrote similarly.

When writing is highly inclined, it shows dependence on others. If this writing is combined with a sad, sad hand, it seems that the ink used on it shows a very sensual, very short length, which we have mentioned above, now tells of masochism. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (from its name from the word “masochist”) wrote similarly.

Whenever there is a strong pastose writing, we are dealing with individuals who feel unusual. Lee Harvey Oswald, assassin of President Kennedy, wrote in this way. His writing also has many angles and hooks that show the rigid approach and the pig’s head. Sturdiness combined with extraordinary sensuality can cause the owner to commit the most atrocities.

Exam for Lesson 6

1. Which area represents sex?

2. Which letter most effectively demonstrates its quality?

3. When ‘g’ lacks return, what to show?

4. The descent sign (of ‘g’) is eight millimeters, whereas the descent

Measure only two, what reflects?

5 What type of loop (lower area) is associated with drug use?

6. What writing is very expressive of sexual fantasies?

7. What kind of writing reveals the personality that pierces you, do not give up easily?

8. What does the inflated lower length pointing to the left (self) indicate?

9. Marilyn Monroe’s writing shows extremism. Explain how it is indicated.

10. The Marquis de Sade expresses sadness in his writing. Explain how it is noted.

11. What is pastose writing? What does it show?

Answers for Lesson 6

1. Low area

2. The letter ‘g’

3. Denial of sex on the part of the author.

4. Sexual frustration

5. Double loop

6. Extremely large loop (in the lower region)

7. Sharp g loop at the bottom

8. Greed and selfishness.

9. The spacing between the lines in Marilyn Monroe’s writing is very large and remains at the bottom next to the bottom line.

10. The writing is too muddy and full of ink that shows sensuality. It also includes the last stroke, and since the last stroke represents his relationship with his colleagues, this shows the pleasure he has committed atrocities.

11. Muddy, dirty, vague writing. Sensuality is expressed.

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