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Marketing Got You Stumped?

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to explore the whole concept of marketing.

Intimidation. Even seasonal business owners often feel their market.

Effort does not work.

Do not let the market intimidate you. At its core, it really isn’t much.

More than common sense – the key elements that make up your plan. Some more

Creativity. Here is what you will use to implement your plan and do it.

Work. That is the basis of marketing. Very simple when you break it.


Please make a summary. Here are some key questions you need to know

Answer in advance.

1. Is there a market for your product / service?

If the answer is no, go back to the poster. Repeat. Because of

No matter how great you think your product is, if no one wants it / wants it / buys it, you have no business.

2. Can you make a profit?

Did you break the numbers to ensure a profit? If not

Come back and work your numbers. Find out what you need to charge

Make a profit on each product or service you sell. See what

The competition is charging. In range but not necessarily

Cheapest. Your product can order high fees (good ingredients

Exciting packaging, snob appeal). Or you can choose to be inferior

You lead the price – but you will need more quantity than you want

Finished. In any event, do your homework.

3. Can you survive?

Do you have the resources to watch you until your business starts?

To show profit? Otherwise, you may have to keep your daily routine and do it.

On an early part-time basis.

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to move on.


You have determined that you have that product or service.

Marketable. Now you need a plan.

Depending on your budget and / or skill level, it can be simple.

Guerilla Marketing Plan – or more detailed plan prepared by

Those who specialize in this field.

In general, your plan will cover the following:

o Specify your goals or objectives.

o Identify your target market.

o Competition Overview

o Your specifications or what sets you apart from the competition

o Develop strategies to achieve your goals.

o Evaluate the various marketing tools and decide what you will use /


o Set up a timeline with goals written in

o Check your budget.

A detailed list of the above items is available at the end

Of this article. You will find that most of these questions are really based on

On common sense, nothing more.


I would call this section “Execution” but decided it was

Negative rings to it.

In fact, this is where creativity comes into play. And this is where you are.

Maybe want to call on external resources (or two) to help.

You can not start a business without a business card and stationery (good).

You can but do not). If your marketing plan calls for a logo and identity

Development – and you are not an innovator – find yourself a designer.

Interview some freelance designers to see if their style fits what you

Want your identity – and if their rates fit your budget. Or you can

Looking for a design or marketing company that specializes in working with

Small companies.

Marketing companies will not be able to help you with all your marketing.

Just logo design and development so it can make more sense.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure you are comfortable with

The people who will run your business. If it is not correct.

Not at all. Keep looking. There are many companies and freelancers around.

Do not settle.

Make sure your logo and business card really reflects your company.

Unique identity. The goal is not to look like everyone else.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

Networking is probably the most important market for entrepreneurs

Tools. So get out there and network. Take your business card (always!)

Join a network group – or two or three. Join the Chamber of Commerce.

Attend events. Look for associations related to your industry. Create

A list of everywhere your target market can be – and go there.

Where is your website?

Today, most businesses have a website (mine is coming ….). A website.

Can serve as an online brochure, which is true for publishers –

Plus for small businesses with a limited budget. It also gives you.

Unlimited geographical reach and the ability to update 24/7.

If you choose a website, make sure it shows the image you want

Your company. Unless you have a specific website design, you need to get yourself there.

Professionals to deal with this. Nothing will send potential customers.

Runs as fast as a bad website. Think about what you do when

You are online.

Your website should have:

o Well designed

o Clean and uncluttered (e.g. easy on flash if you need to insert it)

o Easy to use, easy to navigate, fast download (not everyone has a dsl line)

o Write well (write for website, not for print and no typing)

o Information and / or Information

You want visitors to bookmark your site and come back often

o Optimized for search engines

Most of your visitors will come from search engines or links –

Your pages need to plan for the search engines to find them.

It can help to put together a list of websites that you have visited that you really like.

Use these as templates for your own website and do not go overboard

Followed by many irrelevant glitz. In fact, you may want to compile a

List of websites you do not like. Show these to your webmaster so she’s completely

Understand what you want.

What about traditional marketing materials?


Ideally, it would be nice to have both print marketing material and a website.

Your printed leaflet is used as a “leave” or mailer. When to take it

You make sales calls or attend events. Send it out with a cover letter to

Prospective customers. Ask colleagues to share them along with them.

Marketing materials.

But if you can only do one, choose a website. Whatever you do, do it

Make sure everything with your company name on it is well designed.

Write well.

Send Email Directly

Along with direct mail connection is one of the most cost effective

Marketing tools in the Small Business Marketing toolbox. Not only that.

The goal is high, but it is affordable enough to allow it to continue.


Use direct mail for:

Introduce new products or services

o Special offers

o Sales announcement

o Draw traffic to your website.

In addition to traditional direct messaging, look for direct email. Recently

Studies show that it is about to overtake most US businesses.

Newsletters or sales tickets, especially made in html, can be text

The most effective way to stay in touch with potential and / or existing potential

Customers. Just be sure to enter “reject” at the bottom for

People who do not want to be in your email list.

Other marketing tools.

For reasons of time and agility, let us list some other marketing tools.

You may want to consider when you plan your attack:

o Advertising

o Public relations

o Speaking participation

o Trade Fair

o Bulletin

o Leaflets

o Premium

o Door hanger

Depending on your product or service, this list is quite extensive.

Fortunately, it’s just a buffet that you can pick and choose.

Evaluate everything and decide what will work best in your budget.

Try and try some more. If one device does not work, try something else.

And don’t expect to get hit first. You can – you probably are not.

Like all good things, building (or growing) a business is a process. This.

dotcom bust should teach us all that success is not overnight.

Necessary for a long time. The goal is to reach your main audience as

Effective and efficient as possible. And to grow successfully (e.g.

Profit) Business.

Copyright © 2002 Rickey Gold & Associates

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