How To Put Baby On Old Fashioned Scale For Photo Has Google Helped To Do Away With The Need To Advertise?

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Has Google Helped To Do Away With The Need To Advertise?

Here is the question for the new year: Does the first page of Google search rankings replace the need to continue to spend on advertising? After all, if you have reached the top of Google search results, what else is needed?

Times have really changed. What about the old year? But it is true. Having been in the marketing business for over 35 years, I must be amazed with the differences over the past few decades. I corrected: some differences Years Created.

Everything went well with swimming during the seventies, eighties and ninety until the Internet age. Until then, we know what it takes to reach the market we want and choose among radio, television and print to do so. Expensive as those options, at least we have a handle on the world of business marketing.

Enter “Big Brother”. Nothing influences our world more than the advent of Google and its pervasive “vigilance” (to put it politely) of every detail that people engage with.

Our house? Just check out Google Maps. From all directions. Satellites. Earth. Road. Baby strollers.

Our life? Just plug your name into the Google search field and cross your fingers.

While some people are lamenting the fact that Google has indexed the good, the bad and the bad, which seems to be inevitable (did anyone make a mistake 10 years ago in uncertainty … Or not clear … search results) We at Mid-Hudson Marketing are feeling very lucky that Google has worked so hard in our favor.

How did we get to this enviable position? For one thing, we are informed about what is important in the Google-controlled universe today. What prayer says is that you might ask?

Well, it is a combination of things for sure, but it all falls short of the essential requirement to have a search engine optimized website known as the Internet lifeblood of SEO.

While you may have heard this and shook your head, it’s too much for your daily business compared to the air we breathe and the hectic work we do to survive, nothing could be further from the truth. No. SEO Is The air we breathe and without it you can even start writing your business death certificate. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon, maybe next year, you will start to realize that if your site (if you have a website) does not rise in the top position in search results, you will travel. Expensive. Moving forward towards maintaining the uniformity of any business success.

Those who have done SEO with their diligence are benefiting in many different ways. For one thing, having a website or reference to your business appear on a page of Google search results is synonymous with having a bright feature story on the front page of a leading newspaper. Of the world. It surpasses the power of full-page advertising or commercials on television because that is what you pay for so much compared to the prestige of having an editorial in a media that is respected on the global stage. . That certainly has Google status: globally influential and completely impartial. What does that mean? It means it’s completely believable something in the short term changes in the world Doubts that we live.

The ingenuity of achieving one page ranks among the top twenty listings in search results that yield more than two, five, or one hundred million speaks of the ingenuity behind the unit at such an achievement level! The question is not how it would be possible for a small company or an individual to rank at the top of such a competitive index, but how it could happen in the world today for FREE !!

Of course, we all know that there is nothing completely free. Acquiring such a position is the result of years of investment in time, self-education, effort and risk. Doing business for decades is no small matter. Doing so while keeping pace with the emerging technology and what it requires is even more commendable, especially if the business also sustains financial success in the process.

Does this mean that SEO dominance now alleviates the cost and necessity of advertising? Is it possible for a well-optimized website to replace a tried-and-true network marketing and sales strategy? How far does Google search go?

Initially, different searches yielded different search results, as well as different direct mailings made on different dates with different number of respondents, if any. We all know that placing an ad in a magazine or newspaper is a shot for the response rate depending on who happens to read the publication on that particular day and whether they notice Advertising or not allowed to reply to it! Every method of marketing is subject to the uncertainty of opportunities that make it as risky as investing in the stock market. You pay your bill and you breathe your last.

While not everyone on earth can see your Google star rating as a result of a certain combination of search terms, and not everyone is an internet user, the beauty here is that the phenomenon This does not involve any cash outlay. It’s just there for acceptance. Similar to the free listing in the Yellow Pages but more important and reaching – you can not Compare these two! And while someone can call you from your free yellow page listing if you are lucky if someone clicks on your website address as a result of your free Google listing at When they arrive, they have an entire encyclopedia of information about you and your company, carefully prepared to make an interesting presentation, bring them to the conclusion you want, and guide them to buy a product or service. Your service or respond with a positive desire to find out more – all without ever talking to anyone in your company!

It is difficult to reduce the benefits of that kind of achievement to some degree. Again, I ask whether it replaces the need to continue to provide valuable marketing dollars to endless options of expensive advertising, including the involvement of yellow pages, traditional print advertising, place Broadcast on our radio and television, billboards on our streets, or billboards on our websites, network efforts through industry membership, and / or presentations, trade fairs, live mail, and / or email marketing, guerrilla marketing on billboards. Your community or front market on shopping carts, market stalls, counters or trucks? In a declining economy, it is certain that many things can be maintained patiently while more personal effort is devoted to improving one’s SEO.

So what are the secrets of SEO management? Let me count the ways:

First, there is not a single important parameter. Instead, it is a combination of things that add to SEO excellence. To be honest, being on time is a big deal. This means having your business linked to a large, influential and popular website that will include a “linkback” to your URL ( for extra time. Social media comes to mind immediately because it is a step you can take for yourself for free with the potential for huge dividends. Having a blog that constantly creates new content attracts the attention of Google, especially if the content is “rich” or valuable in contributing information. No permission here.

This is also true of your website. Think about the tasks you need to complete in an advanced course for teachers who expect your performance to be no different than your talent level. Now apply that kind of effort to your web page content, making sure to include marketing charms and graphics to keep your visitors on your page and more hungry. You will need to guess what kind of search terms your favorite visitors will use to find and enjoy your site, as these magic words will be the key to your future business. (So ​​the word “keywords!”) And you will need to incorporate these gold nuggets into the flow of your page so that their search and your content will be relevant to each other.

You will also need to have an active link from your page to other content in your site that addresses their search for more details on what they are looking for. Whether your website is just for information or for sale, your goal is to reward your visitors with complete satisfaction. Remember that every happy customer is a source of guidance in the future!

While the relevance of SEO also includes the appropriateness of your domain name, page title, tags, and description, it is interesting to note that Google has recently rocked the Internet world with its modifications. Its search algorithm in some mysterious way. Hard work for those of us who study everything Google every day. Translation: Never The deal is ready!

Since we are only a few years into the Google model, we need to take our time to evaluate and re-evaluate the right plan going forward, especially if your business has a long established history. Deciding to immediately cut back on the marketing and advertising strategies that put you where you are today may not be the smartest thing to do. Coup of Grace. One last thought: It could be your marketing and advertising success over the years that has contributed to your current height among SEO cognoscenti. There is an old proverb in the advertising world that explains the following: If a train is traveling at 90 miles per hour, you do not turn off the engine!

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