How To Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Fashion Trends Secret Strategies to Help You Look Fabulous For Less

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Secret Strategies to Help You Look Fabulous For Less

With the economy in a state of volatility, many of us are left feeling the need to keep our cash cool. But life as we know it does not stand still and we still want to dress nicely for work We at night and for ourselves. There must be a way to look great without spending a lot of money! Here are some of my best tips for looking great on a budget without debt.

1. Keep your Wardrobe current – No matter your budget, pay attention to trends. Each season there are a few minor tweaks that you can make to keep your look up-to-date on a date without spending a dime. Small details make a huge difference, so learn what’s inside and get rid of what’s out there. A little tight love in your closet will help you keep your wardrobe clean and tidy rather than drowning in a sea of ​​clothes you do not like or have never worn.

Most women wear only 10 – 20% of their wardrobe. Think about all the money you spend on clothes that you really do not like on those that do not fit or do not fit your lifestyle. What is it equal to? When shopping, buy only what you love – those items that look great on you and that fit you like gloves (or interchangeable). Sell ​​those items you no longer wear and use the extra $$ to buy your favorite items.

If you can only buy two items per season, I would recommend it as a great pair of shoes and a great handbag. These can make or break clothes and make people look stylish faster than anything else (except for outdated hairstyles or unattractive makeup). If you have a wardrobe full of cores in solid colors, treat yourself to a great pair of snakeskin shoes, embellished sneakers or patents in chic colors (try either nude or bright). Invest in a great bag – it does not have to be a designer bag, but choose something stylish and chic. Try a bold color or with a texture (your shoes and bag do not match!)

2. Know when to buy cheap and when to keep the best you can buy.

With the economy in a circle, it is enough to make you want to make all your purchases at Target or Forever 21. But before you do, take a step back and take a good look at your wardrobe. Do you have items that you have for many years that you have taken the time to change and wear all day long? Well? Probably. These are your essentials and your wardrobe. Now let’s talk about the core elements compared to the filler and how to know when to boil.

A. Core: The core item is a basic horse veil, like a great suit, your winter coat or a great pair of jeans. These are items that you will wear again and again and will become the foundation of your wardrobe. The core element should be your best base color or neutral shade that will not be remembered even when you wear it multiple times in a row. For example, a light brown camel suit, black pants or a charcoal turtleneck.

The key elements are where you want to spend most of your wardrobe budget. You do not have to buy the most expensive, but the best you can buy. These are items that will stay with you for a long time, and if you buy quality from the trip, you will guarantee more distance.

Think of it this way: If you spend $ 300 on a pair of high-quality black pants that fit you with a T-shirt and wear it twice a week for three years, then on average about $ 1 per wear – Negotiable In the long run. Conversely, if you spend $ 60 on a pair of cheap pants that do not have your shape and wear them about 4 times before disposal, that is $ 15 per wear, which is a long-term improvement.

One caveat – buying core items does not always mean spending a lot of money. Discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Ross make it easy for us to find high quality seasonal items and designers by fraction of the price. Most of the items are from the current season (I know I was surprised by this discovery as well) and can usually be found until A quarter Of retail price. I once scored an Ann Taylor T-shirt at Rugged Wearhouse, which was initially more than $ 200 for just $ 9.99. It’s a core piece (meaning classic versus modern) and something I will wear for years to come, making it a real steal.

B. Filler: Once you have your essentials, you can add a fun complement – floral print shirt, metallic belt, blue top or chic dress. This is where colors, patterns and textures come into play. Consider spending less on these items that help fill in the gaps and keep you looking stylish and chic. Fillers are items you will likely wear for just one or two seasons, so it makes sense to spend less on them. These pieces can be trendy or can be classic, but often this is where the cheaper ones will work best.

Stores such as Target, JC Penney, New York and Co. And Kohl’s is good for fillings. By focusing on what is popular, you can find trendy items for a fraction of the price of what they want in a store or department store. And these stores tend to have great sales, so there is a greater chance that you will find a bargain. . Look for coupons and circulars in the newspaper to continue sales.

When shopping for popular items, consider age-appropriate trends. You do not want to look like your teenage daughter, but you do not want to look like an adult. Choose the style that suits you. If you are not sure how to wear trendy clothes, start with accessories and stick with your classic outfits.

3. Build a wardrobe expression

The best way to start building a wardrobe every season is to create an expression. Do this by taking 5-12 elements that work well together and complement the colors. Play with these objects and put them together in as many different combinations as possible. Add accessories to complete each look. Make a note of each possible combination so you will never forget some of your favorites. Imagine the clothes you can create if you have other items. Make a note of the items that are most useful and add them to your shopping list. Such an item can be a core or a filler, but it should work to create a lot of clothing. It could be a great dress, a scarf, a vest or a belt.

Now take a few more items that facilitate and note how many outfits you can create as well as what you can add to get more distance from these items. Your goal is to have multiple expressions for different aspects of your life – work, weekends, sportswear, etc. When you create expressions instead of thinking of your wardrobe as just clothes, you expand the possibilities by using fewer items and will not be stuck by wearing the same T-shirt with the same skirt all the time (which people will surely remember more). This!) In addition, you will be able to dress brightly and still look great!

4. Power of accessories

As a general rule, you should plan to spend 1/3 of your clothing budget on accessories. Yes, this includes shoes. Fashion star Really Love accessories, but all women can appreciate the power of accessories, have to change everything from a little black dress to jeans and a T-shirt.

Scarves are a great example of how accessories can take you to the next level. Start with basic clothing, add shoes, handbags and scarves. In winter, use your favorite warm and warm towel. In warmer climates, opt for a lighter-weight scarf than in embroidered cotton or clean chiffon. Knowing what to do with your krama may be a little difficult, but here are some easy but cool ways to Wear this one:

* One Loop around This is a great look with a jacket or just a T-shirt. It is a great way to add color around your face.

Wrap and embroider if you have a scarf This is a fun look and another way to color your face. This works best with a large triangular towel (or towel). Fold in half with the dots in the front, wrap the back once and tie at the front.

* BB style. Easy. Just take your square and fold it in half. Tie up like you are wearing a bib.

Hair wraps and pasmina are very versatile and work well on your clothes when they are a little cold or can add warmth to your clothes. Just wrap your shoulders and tie the front. You can also leave one end longer and drag it over your shoulder to see more story and warmth.

* Fold and loop. Just fold your scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and pull the ends across. Wow!

* Let it hang one of my favorites for adding color to a jacket and to put a finishing touch on a dress. Just wrap the scarf around your neck so that both ends are in front and on both sides.

5. Remember the trend – then do it yourself!

Each season’s fashion sets a number of trends that are ‘hot’. One thing to keep in mind is that these trends are arbitrary and do not take into account your personal size, appearance, age, style or budget. Following fashion trends blindly can easily break your budget without having to do anything for your style if it does not suit you. Take note of trends and carefully select some that work for you. If blue is in season like this, wear your best blue in the way that suits you best. There are many different shades of blue from midnight to Carolina so you have plenty to choose from. If wearing blue is not for you, try using blue accessories to add style to a neutral color dress. The blue scarf thrown over the embroidered top adds a bit of color and makes a notch. A pair of blue shoes can be my immediate pick and will make you feel energized every time you look at your feet.

Trends can also be translated into signature looks. If you find a trend you love and it really works for you, you just want to take it (or its aspect) as your signature and wear it for years to come.

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