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How to Make Carp Baits – Boilies and Dough Baits the Easy and Best Way!

Put yourself in a more energetic place, realizing that carp bait has a deeper level! If you want or need to improve your home-made bait and get rid of ready-made bait, read now!

What is your favorite carp bait and what kind of mental picture do you have in mind about your favorite bait? Chances are you are thinking of a simple round ball or a barrel-shaped object. But is the latest reality of carp bait real and possibly at the most influential level? Consider how much bait has evolved over the past 50 years. Then just ask what improvements and changes will happen in the entire bait world in the next 50 years, considering that the Internet is a huge resource towards this goal! Bait is not what you think it is or can be!

Remember that the current menu, especially in the UK, all started at their kitchen table, creating their own handmade bait. Even the man who created the famous Grange bait and was one of the founding partners of Mainline Baits started in his shed and kitchen and experimented with homemade bait. So remember that in creating your own bait today, you are no different from the companies that run the most famous companies! But you need to understand what is really important about carp bait!

The fact is that most of the ready-made baits traded today are still the same formula and formulas that were first known by more forward-thinking and better-connected fishermen in the past. More than 30 or 40 years ago. And still, most commercial boilie baits are heated by boiling in water. This means that a large number of baits used by ready-made bait fishermen are based on outdated thoughts and ideas now!

For obsolete and old things, it’s even worse, because in fact the bait that does this is very self-defeating. Because of its characteristics, mode of action and more, it is the way of the carp today.

Carp have been used and wary of tank baits for the last 10 years, so these are completely edgeless! Commercial bait makers also insist on using eggs as a binder and the basis of their recipes and tend to do so because this is the way it always does!

However, one of the most interesting ways to determine the effectiveness of carp bait is to put it on an egg and heat it so that it becomes insoluble and really hard to digest! You can really laugh at how many ideas of this traditional bait there really are, and the features and characteristics and other methods of production are still firmly adhered to by local bait makers and commercial bait makers. Karma all over the world!

Another factor that must be clarified is that in the past, bait became popular, most fishermen did not use bait and actually caught the same amount of fish with much less free bait! You have to question the reason for this! Nowadays, many fishermen are more wary of pre-made bait because it just does not catch the number and quality of fish that the fisherman promises to catch with it! It shows that large numbers are being caught using pre-made bait just because most anglers use ready-made bait, but the same number will apply if the fisherman uses lunch bait, cockroaches or worms.

Of course, these do not receive the popular treats, such as ready-made noodles made in advertising programs to push the brand in the carp magazine, which has the word bait all over them, such as worms, bread or Mek is not a bait and if the bait is new!

Of course, today’s carp fishing is all about catching and keeping an unprecedented amount of attention for anglers looking for the next best thing in packaging that inspires and inspires. Bright advertisements and little ads dressed up as detailed article pieces in magazines.

The fact is that the magazine is paid for by advertisers who like Mainline, Korda, etc., which is exactly why these appear everywhere! But this is not carp fishing. It’s slick commercial psychology and carp don’t watch their videos and read their magazines!

So what is bait if it is not a bright ball that is advertised as a carp bait in technology and science and the only thing you should use in a commercially biased mindset? I compared ready-made baits to desserts in sweet shops, as in them are made for this main reason. To make you bait money. Therefore, they will use words, pictures, colors and any psychological words to attract people to buy their products and brands!

They even encourage buyers to commit to a brand, which makes people anxious if they do not use that brand! That is the power of human psychology, but it has nothing to do with the truth about what is the best and best idea of ​​what the most effective carp bait that actually thinks about is real!

I actually have fishermen come to me on the shore and insist that this bait is the best bait in a word, even if they do not catch anything on it for 4 days and nights of fishing in the water. Easy with spawning carp. Close! I have also had occasional anglers tell how their fear of chance of catching carp is zero unless they use a bait called bait that it seems like everyone is using. Both of these examples are amazing pictures of a commercial carp fishing bait machine in action!

Make people through regular exposure to video advertising and advertising and group mindset with enough peer pressure to fully rely on your brand! Then, out of fear, fishermen will not risk trying new things, new ideas, brand new ones, or even really thinking of original ideas and thinking for themselves and will stick to what they have in terms of use and how. Think and what. Do it!

In Eastern Europe, where such tactics are used to control the mind, so obviously in many ways besides fishing, people are becoming more aware and sensitive to it, and I know that many fishermen in Eastern Europe refuse to use bait. Finished because it was created by the same people who published the magazine. But in a way this is the same in the UK, because the magazine can only survive through the regular advertising and the conditions of the fishermen who push the bait, brand and deal, and the main revenue magazine is the company that pays for advertising. Expensive! This makes carp fishing an industry that is biased and inconsistent!

However, among the recycled and often illusory and illusory rubbish, there are gems of wisdom and independent thinkers who truly aim to help their fellow fishermen instead of just building their market share and bank accounts. They!

It is clear when talking to fishermen at the bank how they have been brainwashed by company advertising, video advertising and so on. Some fishermen look like they bought everything in the tuk tuk shop just yesterday and insist that if they do not use bait like them, it would be crazy or stupid!

I can really stand out because I personally use homemade bait and my only goal in trying is to get rid of all the famous brands or small baits because my goal is to empower my anglers Do the same and do not rely on ready-made bait!

I want my anglers to be very impressed with the success of their invention based on the right combination of knowledge and information I provide that they never look back and never use the bait they produce. Already! I have achieved this for countless people and this makes me so happy! But the bait company is not out of pocket because the fisherman needs a supplier of additives, especially human-grade ingredients and energetic fluids, and it is up to the company to find such a substance!

It is up to the bait company to provide these fresh, guaranteed quality products if they want to attract more and more sophisticated customers. This is just right because this means more fish on the bank for customers and less time on the bank for more fish! The days of expecting big fish using cheap bait that just wasted your time on the bank must be eliminated!

The most powerful way to regain control is to create your own bait by getting an education!

You fail to have the biggest bait if you are using the same ready-made bait as the other fishermen on your lake. The biggest edge in carp fishing is different. This means that if you are first on the water using the bait is great. But if you can not reduce your chances seriously. I no longer believe in traditional high nutrition bait or balanced nutrition bait or bait theory, but I have been using it in slavery for 25 years.

But now I am using my new theory and it overcomes food bait and bait immediately. I use a slightly different homemade bait every time I go fishing, so I am giving my fish a whole new experience every time. But it is in the way I divide my bait each time that is important, involving a long history of bait testing and consulting and creative skills, and all this can be passed on to others if they really are. Want to find out more. Here’s how I caught 10 of the 10 pound carp in special water instead of just catching the same forty fish that you regularly continue to catch on their bait and pre-made nuts.

Bait is where the sensitivity of each fish encounters functional internal and external factors, including water reaction factors and your own level of awareness about fish in the context of their world, because bait is effective. Most are a reflection of your target fish! Bait does not matter whether the fish wants to eat Mars bar or Steak dinner. It has nothing to do with misconceptions. You need to understand that carp are constantly evolving individually, genetically, and each fish changes daily according to its experience and exposure to bait, as well as individual tastes and levels of different emotions!

Featured in my unique ready-made bait and carp bait and home-made bait ebooks are even more powerful information Browse my unique baitbigfish website and view biography Mine below for details of my eBooks deal now!

By Tim Richardson.

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