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The Event Organiser`s Social Media Software Feature List

Event Organizer List of Social Media Apps

Admin / Configuration

The organizer has the ability to enable or disable all functions (listed below) depending on a number of dependencies.

Personal brand

Custom CSS and HTML fields allow event organizers to apply the look and feel of your organization / event, including logos, colors, layouts, and more. Most text fields can be customized as well.

Static page

For events that do not yet use their own CMS (e.g. Drupal, WordPress, Radiant. (Not a fan page).


Event organizers can configure the appropriate date, time, and currency format for

Location of the event. Note: At this time, the system string is not exported. However, event organizers can choose to include text in other languages ​​into the configurable text field.

Custom subdomain integration

Each event gets its own unique IP, so most events choose to use our recommended custom DNS settings to generate the appropriate website URL.

Delegate Profile

Each delegate receives an editable page with contact information, biography, photos, newsletters, etc. Organizers can apply a default privacy level, and delegates can then customize who can see their information (everyone is just people I follow or no one else)

Social media

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can follow and follow, enabling the exchange of contact information, private messaging, and one-on-one meetings.


Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can send public messages to the conference area throughout the conference, on specific event pages and on sponsor pages. They can also send public responses (@) and private / direct messages to people who are following them. Optional messaging) integrated with Twitter; However, those who do not use Twitter can still use our messaging.


Organizers can create an unlimited number of groups and organize them into categories.

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can join these groups to discuss various sub-topics of interest in your organization / event.

Fan / Exhibitor Page

Sponsors / exhibitors can create fan pages to showcase their brand. The fan page may include a symbol, description, survey / survey, single query “become a fan button” and (optionally) a “request meeting” button. Delegates can add comments to the fan page, become a supporter, answer questions, and (if enabled) request a private meeting with sponsors / exhibitors.

One-on-one meetings.

If enabled, the Delegates’ profile page and all sponsor / exhibitor fan pages will be loaded.

A “Request Meeting” button that will notify the recipient that the delegate is requesting

Email meetings will give recipients the option to accept or decline by adding a private meeting to both parties’ personal schedules if appropriate.

Export Relations

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can export detailed contact information for their respective followers and supporters to CSV (Excel)

Export schedule

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can export their own schedules to iCal, gCal, RSS and Outlook. This also allows offline synchronization with most smartphones.

Brand account

Sponsors / exhibitors are allowed to create “brand” accounts, for example, Pepsi users who can provide them with an official voice that they can connect with the community.


All types of public messages and personal schedules are available via RSS feeds, which are “secret” in the sense that they have long, unpredictable hashes in URLs. However, delegates and sponsors / exhibitors may choose to share their RSS feeds with

Other people or post it publicly

Organizer Support

We will help you organize events with website setup, branding and customization up to the hours specified in the price list. Additional help can be purchased

Delegate Support

We do not provide front-line support to delegates. Instead, we rely on the organizers’ help desk to provide support to Level 1. Any issues with delegates or sponsors / exhibitors can be added to our “always on” 2+ level support that supports 24-hour SLA changes on any issue.

Full schedule

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can browse (and find) the entire event schedule of

Speeches, breakups, parties, and other gatherings. Daily listing, AZ list and graphical grid view are available. All aspects clearly show which event delegates are attending and display the statues of the participating friends and select all the participants.

Personal Schedule

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can add an unlimited number of sub-events to theirs.

Their own schedule, which they can then choose to share with everyone, people they follow or no one else. Personal schedules can also be posted to various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and synced with most online calendar apps and apps and computers.

Schedule notifications

The system will send scheduled updates and change notifications to the delegate (for that only).

Selected entry) if the event they added to their own schedule.

Social Notifications

The system will send a text message typing “You followed” to the delegate and sponsor /

Exhibitors (social notifications) to those selected to enter this function.

Sync friends

Delegates and sponsors / exhibitors can click the button to easily import their existing friends from Facebook, Twitter and (soon) LinkedIn who are also attending the event.

Cross-posting to social media

Embedded AddThis widget allows delegates and sponsors / exhibitors to share

Parts of their conference experience (specific comments of events, public messages, personal schedules, etc.) with hundreds of different social sites, for example Facebook and Twitter.

Content collection

For a richer website experience and better SEO, we surveyed Twitter, Flickr and YouTube for event-related content and posted a link to this content, along with a brief overview of the event site, similar to how pings track works on Many popular blogging platforms

Crowdsourcing (via Crowd Campaign)

The purchase gives event organizers a free enterprise-class license to create a unique crowdfunding campaign. This allows you to set up, create and manage Twitter-powered games of any nature. Examples include opening a conference, calling a speaker, asking a question for a popular keynote speaker, or even suggesting a special food or drink to be served at a nightclub.

Full Web Search

Most website content is indexed into search engines quickly and scalable with permission.

Delegates and Sponsors / Exhibitors to submit questions in the free form and get back results that are categorized as People / Events / Venues / Messages / Fan Pages

Website Analysis

We provide integration with Google Analytics for the entire website traffic and specific metrics of the page. Event organizers also have access to a rich web analytics console that clearly shows how the various functions of the platform are used, e.g. Average number of friends per delegate, average number of supporters per sponsor, total number of messages (private and public), average number of events added to personal schedule

Sub-event capacity plan

Event organizers have access to reporting tools that show how many people are attending each of the finals, the party. Large representative list “or” 202 overcrowded rooms added for Keynote B “.

Profile and Schedule Callback APIs

We offer optional two “callback” mechanisms to ensure that delegate data remains synchronized with the institution’s record system for personal data and schedules if such a system is in use. For example, if a delegate updates his or her profile, changes are posted back to the configurable URL to allow those updates to be re-posted to the appropriate record system. Also, each time an event is added or removed to a representative or sponsor / exhibitor personal schedule, we post this activity to a configurable URL. This allows a system of external records to track participation in the break-out for planning capacity purposes or for other reasons.

Large email

Event organizers can send large emails to the entire community or to selected subsections. Email templates can be customized in “mail-merge” mode

RESTful public and private APIs

Event organizers have dozens of different public and private access (login required)

APIs to allow external applications to automate platforms. Some examples are running search, get friends list, get and modify personal schedules, add and delete friends.

Mobile network

Most of the features described above are available on the general mobile network UI, which has been optimized to look best on iPhone and Andriod, but also works well on Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile. This section of the site is included even if the event organizer chooses not to purchase the mobile app integration.

Mobile application integration

Through a partnership with mobile app provider DUB, we offer full-featured native apps for the iPhone and iPod touch that, among many other features, offer fast offline access to full event schedules. And personal schedules. When the phone returns online, schedule updates and changes are two ways to sync with the conference site. Note: Programs for other platforms starting with Blackberry and Andriod will expire at the end of 2010

QR code

Our platform incorporates hooks into various endpoints that can be easily integrated with QR Codes. Some examples include automatic tracking when taking QR codes on delegate badges, sponsorship / exhibitors, and even “check-in” events by delegates.

Registration integration

Integrates with REGIS Online Delegation Manager via the simple RESTful Web Services API. Delegates may also be forced to create their own accounts if registration integration is disabled. &

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