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Writing Essays – New View in Joyce’s Short Story, Clay

James Joyce’s famous short story “Clay,“Published in 1914 in his collection of short stories entitled” Dubliners.

Like other short stories that have never been published, “Clay” creates a strong old-fashioned value statement at the beginning and then shows a reversal of the old aspect at the end. Let me present a three-step approach that helps analysts Any. Short stories using those ideas and it will help you to start writing literary articles:

# 1- Open earlier Strong statement: At the beginning of the short story, a strong value statement, the old aspect, is given by or about the main character, asserting an evaluation or describing certain characteristics, goals or aspirations.

The first sentence identifies the goals or desires of the main character:

The maid offered her leave to go out as soon as the woman’s tea was finished and Maria waited for her to leave in the evening.

In the description of Maria is getting ready Go out For the evening, as she was preparing and serving tea for the ladies of Dublin by Lamplight Laundry, two strong old-fashioned price statements were made about two of Maria’s most important features:

  • Maria, you are a real person Peacemaker!
  • Mom is Mama, but Maria is My right mother.

Due to the strength of the old-fashioned value statement, we were initially expected to discover how Maria was strong-willed, smart, and resourceful. PeacemakerOne who can bring peace to troubled situations. And we expect the second thing to know what she is like Joe. Right mother. In all ideal ways the phrase introduces.

# 2- In the middle, support / cut off: In the middle of the short story, the old aspect is supported or reduced with conflict descriptions and resolutions that define the new aspect at the end.

Description: Many descriptions occur throughout the story, cutting off the old perspective, so we will have to zero in on the one that has the most obvious influence on the old aspect – the new aspect relationship in the story.

At the beginning of the story there is a brief description of Maria’s character, her past, her plans for her trip to Joe’s house that evening, her relationship with Joe and Alphy as their caretaker and nanny, how Joe and Alphy gets Maria her job in the laundry Joe and Alphy’s strained relationship happens while drinking tea and Maria’s thoughts while getting ready for her night.

During tea consumption Lizzie Fleming said Maria must have received the ring, and although Fleming said that for many Hallow Eves, Maria had to laugh and say she did not want a ring or any man. And when she laughs, her green-gray eyes glow with embarrassment and the tip of her nose almost touches the tip of her chin.

Since Lizzie said. Maria must have received a lot of rings for Hallow Eves.It is only natural that Lizzie has long wanted Maria to get married and marry a man. Maria did the same. Although Maria says she Do not want rings or all menShe laughs with Shame on you Say otherwise. She always wanted to be Right mother.To feed her family, but she never had the chance to get married, which is possible.

What happened to Maria’s description of laughter and The tip of her nose almost touched the tip of her chinWho would repeat two sentences later, as well as at Joe’s house when she was blindfolded to play another guessing game? It must be important, even if it is not clear how. Maybe it just emphasizes her Shame on you About her relationship with men and her feelings about wanting to get married.

Immediately after Lizzie Fleming’s prediction Ginger Mooney then raised her cup of tea and asked for Maria’s health while all the other women were throwing their cups on the table and saying she was sorry she had no waiter to drink it.

This description is important to remember at the end of the story. I will bring it up to discuss the ending later.

Disputes: At first it was clear that Maria Always send when women quarrel.

Solution: Why? Because she said Always relax: ‘Yes, dear,’ and no, my dear. It was Maria’s gentleness, her way of making passive peace, that always resolved conflicts in Dublin, by Lamplight, not her persuasive ingenuity or personality strength that earned her the status of You make real peace.

Disputes: In the middle of the story, when Maria went to a bakery in the center of town on Henry Street. The stylish woman behind the counter, who seemed to be a bit of a nuisance, asked her if it was the wedding cake she wanted to buy. That makes Maria smile and smile at the young woman. But the young lady took it seriously.

Solution: Maria’s solution to minor conflicts – She smiles and smiles. Her comfort did not really resolve the dispute, but it made it smooth for each other. More inactivity.

Disputes: Near the end of the story, the girls found no cookies for Maria, and Joe got angry.

Solution: Maria spoke beautifully. She does not like bullets and they do not care about her.. Again, passive comfort does not resolve.

Disputes: When Joe and his wife tried to push beer and wine on Maria, she tried to refuse.

Solution: … But Joe insisted. So Maria lets him have his way.

Once again, Maria resolved the conflict by doing her best and refusing to give in to others. The story is over.

Disputes: Maria thought she would apply well for Alphy. But Joe shouted that God could have stoned him to death if he had said one word to his brother. More.

Solution: Instead of being Right mother. And neck Peacemaker With her ‘Children‘Joe and Alphy, Maria said she regretted talking about it. As she noted earlier in thinking about the Joe-Alphy conflict. But this kind of lifeAnd Maria is really too passive and not. Peacemaker Enough to handle the situation.

# 3- At the end of the new reverse view. At the end of the short story, a new inverse aspect of the old aspect is usually presented.

When Maria arrives at Joe’s, there is another Irish guessing game (called Pusini: “poocheeny”). In the game, a blindfolded person sits in front of a table with plates. The plate is shuffled and the seated person closes his eyes, then picks one by touch. The content of the chosen dish is supposed to tell about people’s lives in the next year: water means travel, prayer book means priesthood or nun, and ring means marriage.

In closing eyes to play this game, Maria laughed and laughed again until the tip of her nose was close to her chin.– Further proof of Shame on you We have seen before. First, her hand touches Soft wet with her fingers … Someone said something about the garden … Donnelly said … That’s not a joke … Maria understands it’s wrong and so she Must do it again. : And this time she received a prayer book.

As something that happened last night was just a match, the incident seemed innocent enough. But what is soft and wet and comes from the garden? Clay, the title of the story. And clay is soft and passive and can be formed by any pressure. Doesn’t this describe Maria?

Where strong You make real peace Or Right mother. Who is the creator of others, who guides and guides and blesses her children, both thick and thin? The incident is a break from those old views and reminds us of her uncertainty about buying cakes in the city center and chatting with Gentleman On the train, all she could do was enjoy it. He nodded and shook his head..

And she gets a prayer book in the game, not a ring. That’s appropriate for Maria, because as Joyce shows us over and over again, she really can not handle much else.

Maria’s strongest advice, never got a man and never had a chance to be Right mother.It was when she sang the song at Joe’s request at the end. The song is reminiscent of Maria’s life compared to the life of a woman whose words she is singing. The song is titled “I Dreamed that I Dwelt” and two songs in the song remind us of women drinking tea: And among those gathered in those walls, I am the hope and the pride.

You will remember that at once Ginger Mooney raises her cup of tea and asks for Maria’s health while all the other women are tapping their cups on the table.

That kind of talk. With their cups on the table Probably very similar to how you in the song will show up That I am the hope and the prideWhen they. Gather in those walls. Where else are they going? Gather To show like this Hope and pride Except in the banquet hall? Parties and banquets will be a natural place, and rich festivals will surely glorify rich women. High surname. By slapping and throwing their cups on the table like poor mothers who have not yet washed Do it at once for their poor friend Maria.

This song is about a woman who is rich and High ancestral names.. And the women in the song feel That you love me like beforeRefers to some rich men, no doubt. Of course that is Inverse or reverse Of practice without coins Maria, which, very blushing When she started singing, she realized that she was very poor, doing laundry for her unmarried mother and could not even have a conversation with a normal man on the train without losing her wisdom and bread.

At the end of the story, Joyce again suggests that Maria is, in fact, a newcomer. Reverse Of strong will Peacemaker With the persuasive power for resolving disputes that the laundry woman believes she is. As My right motherMaria lets Joe prepare several times – past and present – the fact that she is not even strong. Instead Mother, leave me alone “That’s right. Mother. “

The fact is that Maria’s whole character – as fully developed in the middle and end of the story – is a new aspect. Reverse Of the two strong character descriptions given at the beginning. In fact, Maria is weak and passive and can reproduce and not reproduce Right mother. Will be) as the title of the story suggests: she is lifeless, passive, can mold. Clay. Perfect fit.

Based on our discussion, here are some sample thesis statements to give you some ideas for writing a solid essay on Joyce “Clay:”:

  • Joyce’s “Clay” shows us the theme: ‘Anyone who gives up too many personal choices can become childless, productive, and out of control.’
  • Joyce shows up with Maria in his drama “Clay” that society may think we are one way when we are overwhelmed by the opposite.
  • James Joyce’s “Clay” provides ample evidence in the little controversy throughout the story that Maria lacks the strength that others think she has. Peacemaker And neck Right mother.Especially at the end.
  • James Joyce’s “Clay” short story uses images in descriptions at the beginning, middle and end to show Maria’s true character is weak and creative. ClayNot force.
  • “Clay” by James Joyce uses symbols in the title, in holiday games, and in the song at the end to show that Maria is not weak and that she is not what she is called. As her friend.

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