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The New Facebook of Real Estate

OK, so your daughter came back from the first semester of college and set up a Facebook account for you. But now that you have it, what are you going to do with it? Well, if you are a REALTOR, you can start by connecting with your family, friends and colleagues who also have profiles. And then you might want to try using it to sell some real estate.

Social media is not just for kids. With more than 60 million active users on Facebook alone, with people over the age of 25 being the fastest growing population this year. Everyone and their mother is there now. Not bad for a site built by college students less than five years ago. Originally designed for Harvard University students, the online tool has since expanded to include corporate professionals and high school students. For a pre-paid form, REALTORS is learning through trial and error how this social networking site works for them.

Program: Cocktail Party

Evidence of the real estate industry presence on Facebook can be seen in some of the apps that are strictly designed for Facebook REALTORS. Individuals and groups can use these small programs to promote events, courses, seminars and create excuses for real estate related parties. Despite the encouragement, such programs will not be able to compete with the fun times provided by the “Scrabulous” program or query program, which can explain why their use does not really work. A better indicator of REALTOR engagement in the Facebook world could be the 500+ group that classifies itself as the “Business-Real Estate” group. A quick look at the list reveals that it’s a real podge hodge with everything from the 1278-member “Real Estate and Finance Accountants” group to a group called “I Owning a property in BC and all I can do is eat mom and cheese. ”Sure, if you hit the right topic and build the right relationship, it’s not hard to get people involved. No. In your team, once established, the REALTOR team can connect with other teams and members can connect with financial professionals, sellers, buyers, past and future clients.

But do all these virtual networks really lead to sales?

Yes. As with anything, some virtual networks work and some do not. The trick is to do what works and stay away from what you do not. A quick survey will show that most billboards and comment walls of real estate groups are full of junk and self-promotion. Is this likely to lead to customer turnover? Of course not. However, it will allow you to connect with other people in the field and it never hurts.

What job?

It is well known that 80% of home buyers start searching for their home online. And why are they not? Today, 80% of everything that most people do is start online. Now Facebook profiles can be destroyed and you can make your profile visible to the world if you wish. Please do. Allow yourself to be found. Invite new customers to look for you whenever you want them to get an idea of ​​who you are. When you engage in social media and present yourself as an ethical professional with a good reputation and knowledge of the industry, it will generate sales over time. All you have to do is get out there and get involved in online culture.

Keep sales difficult at the login screen

The key to success here is simple. If you want social media to work for you, keep it fun, keep it real, and stop selling. Heavy manual sales do not work online. This is a way that users can manage the time spent on a website completely independent of the site itself. It’s not like a TV where you have 30 seconds to slap them with whatever product or idea you have. Social media works at a clearer level. Your internet presence is also not a leaflet. An active newsletter is something that is bigger and has more potential. It is a living testimony that puts you as an expert in social contexts.

What is this time?

With the above ideas just getting started. Over time, your comfort level and skills with storage will increase. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Engage your audience by starting a group for “fans”: your mother and your childhood friends who want to see you succeed. Get people involved with you in real estate related games.
  • Join existing groups that interest you
  • If you are joining a large real estate group, join your colleagues by opening a discussion. Start at least one fire on the message board by asking smart real estate questions that people are forced to answer.
  • Do not blow hot air, put notes that clearly show your experts.
  • Some real estate agents offer gift certificates and discounts for referrals that lead to closed sales, you may want to experiment with it.
  • Include links to your blog and website.
  • Check your profile settings and make sure your profile can be indexed by search engines
  • Be sure to tell people that you are a REALTOR

Now let’s talk about your business: Say hello to your mother, post pictures of your trip to Nunavit, share bright jokes like the stars you really are.

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