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Synthetic or Human Hair? Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Wig

The ancient Egyptians are said to have invented wigs before the 1600s. It doesn’t really matter who made it first; I’m just glad the wig is done! Any woman/person who knows the heartache of a bad hair day appreciates the value of a good wig. In fact, the wig found a new meaning in the 21st century. They are trendy and help all kinds of people to achieve the desired look easily. Wigs also help people maintain their natural hair better. Continuous heat treatment and styling of natural hair is harmful. As a wig lover and owner, I applaud the development and importance of this important beauty. When you’re looking to buy a wig online, you don’t have the privilege of touching and feeling it. To this end, knowing how to judge quality and style is essential to making an informed decision. This comprehensive resource has the tools you need to order the most suitable wig that meets your needs.

What exactly is a wig?

According to an online dictionary, a wig is a headpiece made of real or artificial hair. The definition states that wigs are mainly worn by judges and lawyers in law courts or by people who are trying to hide a bald head. Nowadays, wigs are often worn by women as a fashion statement. With or without hair, many people will wear custom wigs to look updated and stylish. Wigs also have cultural connotations with celebrities creating their brand and persona around certain wig-inspired looks.

There are different types of wigs in the market

Wigs are made with synthetic hair, human hair or a mixture of human and animal hair. Sheep, agora rabbits and horses are some of the most common sources of animal hair used to make wigs.

Wigs made with synthetic hair

Synthetic wigs are made with human hair. Some of the most common materials used to make them include nylon and acrylic yarns. Synthetic hair technology has really improved to make some of the most beautiful synthetic wigs on the market. In fact, some human-made hair wigs are indistinguishable from human or natural hair wigs. There are many merits of choosing a synthetic wig which are mentioned below;


– Good quality ones look very real and natural

– They are cheaper than natural hair or human hair wigs

– Synthetic options will not have the problem of tangling, which is common in human hair types

– These wigs will keep their style even after washing

– You can choose the type and style and design from the market as you want

– Overall, they are easy to maintain


– Synthetic wigs are already styled and you cannot manipulate or change the style as you wish

– Synthetic wigs have a shorter shelf life of no more than 6 months – However this will depend on the brand

Wigs made with human hair

Human hair wigs give you the comfort of knowing you are actually wearing real hair. As mentioned above, human hair can be mixed with real animal hair to create a hybrid. This type of wig comes with a set of pros and cons as given below;


– Styling can be done to your liking. You can color, perm and style just like your real hair. Therefore, you need a good stylist to make your human hair wig look good

– Due to the variety of textures, you can get a wig that is very close to your natural hair texture.

– These wigs will usually last longer than their synthetic counterparts. A person who wears such a wig every day can benefit from a year or more of service

– These wigs look and feel natural and this can increase your overall look and confidence


– They are often more expensive

– Having them can prove to be even more expensive just like taking care of your actual hair

– The wig and the style in it cannot withstand the elements and will definitely react with dryness and tangling.

– They fade faster and are more sensitive to heating and styling tools

– Styling them will require work and time – also, they are heavier than synthetic wigs

How to choose the best type of wig to buy?

When it comes to wigs, there is no one size or type that fits all. You buy things that are tailored to your needs. The following factors will determine whether you should buy a human hair wig or a synthetic hair wig. Remember that there are synthetic hair wigs that are heat friendly.

1. How much do you want to spend?

If you are a penny-pincher, then, synthetic wigs are made for you. They are not only cheaper but also come in great quality and look very natural. If you don’t mind digging deep into your pocket, you can opt for a human hair wig.

2. What are your hair preferences?

If you’re the type that thrives on changing your hair every day, you need versatile wigs that can be designed to suit you. In this regard, human hair wigs are flexible and can be dyed, heat treated and bonded to achieve the look you desire. If you choose heat resistant synthetic wigs, this is a good option; However, it is not more than 4 months due to styling.

3. Do you wear a wig every day?

Wearing a wig on a daily basis will expose it to the elements. Therefore, you need a wig that lasts longer and is more durable. For this purpose, a human hair wig can really help you. You can wear one for up to a year. You can also choose synthetic wigs which are more friendly. Investing in two or three can help you extend the life of each wig. This can also give you style options to break the monotony.

A guide to buying a wig that fits perfectly

Once you have a general idea of ​​the type of wig you want, it’s time to look at the details. Factors such as head size, cap type, color and style will come into play.

– How to determine your head size for the perfect shoe

Wigs should fit perfectly and just like your clothes and shoes, you should know your size. Generally, there are three dimensions of wigs which are; small, medium and large. Most of the women are under the middle head. To this end, the market is full of more style options in this area. The last popular category of wig sizes is smaller where women wear smaller wigs. Few women wear large cuff sizes. With a measuring tape, measure around your head from the forehead and around your hairline. You can also use a soft cloth to determine the size. If your head circumference results are 20.5 to 21.5 inches, you are a small cap size. 21.5 to 22.5 inches would indicate a medium or large head. A large flower falls between 22.5 and 23.5 inches. Many wigs come with adjustment straps to help you optimize your fit.

– Consider the type of cap for the ideal wig

Cap types play a role in enhancing the overall look and feel of a wig. There are four basic types as mentioned below;

1. Classic capless wigs – They are capless and allow the hair to breathe better. They have rows of hair sewn together.

2. Monofilament cap wigs – The hair is placed on the head on a transparent mesh cap. This gives a more natural look. They are more expensive than classic wigs.

3. Hand Tied Cap Wigs – This is an upgrade to the monofilament cap wig. It is a hand-tied structure where the hair is achieved on the lace fabric for an even better natural look.

4. Lace Front Wigs – With lace fronts, all of the above wig types can be enhanced. Around the hairline the hair is planted on very fine laces. This way, your wig can be pulled back to achieve a very natural look.

– Choose your favorite wig style

Short, chin length, medium length and long hair, there are all wig styles to choose from. Be creative and choose what you like the most. After choosing the desired style, consider the colors available for a particular piece. Again, this is a chance to do what works for you. Some stylists may recommend certain colors and styles of wigs for your head, but in the real sense, you should use your personal taste to get what you want the most. If you prefer an expert opinion on head shapes and best styling practices, the following guide is for you.

How to choose the ideal wig for your face shape

There are seven main face shapes. All people will have unique shapes but these are general shapes that will help you choose the best wig.

1. Oval face shape

This is a longer face with a narrow chin compared to the cheeks. Most shape elements are proportional. For this purpose, this shape can accommodate all styles of wigs and hair.

2. Round face shape

Features of this face include round hair and round chin. The widest part of the face will be the cheeks and ears. The best styles for this face shape include short swept back bangs or ones that are slightly longer than chin length. Adding both fullness and height to the crown is key to achieving a voluminous look.

3. square face shape

This face features a very strong square jaw and square hair. Wavy wigs that add softness and roundness suit this face shape very well. When adding height to the crown, the layers are large. Flowers and waves will add symmetry and enhance your overall look.

4. Rectangular or long face shape

This is a longer face without width. It may have a very high forehead and a narrow chin. Short and medium length wigs will shorten the length of the face. Side pieces and layers are great at customizing your look. With fuller sides, the width of your face will be increased.

5. Heart shape

This shape will define broad cheeks and forehead with a narrow jaw line. The skin will often be small and soft. Some of the most suitable wig styles are side parted styles, elbow length and other longer styles. The idea is to soften and tighten your chin while achieving balance with your prominent cheeks.

6. Diamond shaped face

This face is considered a cross between an oval and a heart shape. It features a narrow forehead and chin. The good thing about this shape is that it can pull off most wig styles. Try what seems best for you.

7. Pear face shape

This face features a round chin, a narrow forehead and a wide chin. Styles that minimize the jaw line will work great. Having hair close to the forehead and temples can create an oval shape. Very long and full styles will add width to the jawline and you may want to avoid these wig styles.

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