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Healthy Food Alternatives

Many people feel that the foods that make them slim are the more expensive items on the grocery list. However, this is not necessarily true.

If you want, you can prepare cheap, low-calorie meals using let-overs and still stay lean. No need to prepare and cook an extra meal for someone, you can join the family with the confidence that you can make the same meal just by watching a little less calories on your part. A weight loss diet doesn’t have to be any different or more expensive than your family’s. Eat the same foods but avoid foods with carbohydrates and fats. If you incorporate diet into your daily lifestyle, it is easier to keep your weight off.

Put Healthy Eating Rules Into Practice

Meat: –

Choose lean cuts of meat, such as rump, brisket, shanks, tenderloin, beef tenderloin, beef steaks, pork tenderloin and a variety of lean meats, such as lean lamb. Select the minimum coin

Ø Remove the oil from the mince during or after cooking.

Ø Remove the visible fat before cooking the meat

Ø Keep small meat proteins (100g) and increase your meals with vegetables and beans, bread, rice or pasta. Lightly cook or steam vegetables whenever possible to preserve their nutrients.

Ø While the meat is cooking, trim the visible fat from the meat and place the meat on a plate with 1-2 inches of water on top. Add herbs and wine to the water for extra flavor. Alcohol is harmless when used with heat in food.

Cheese:- Choose low-fat varieties of cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta, low-fat or low-fat milk. Try these only once, as it may take a while for your taste buds to adjust. Try low fat yogurt, you can’t tell the difference in taste.

Oils:- Olive oil, sunflower oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and grape seed oil are good vegetable oils to choose.

Wheat: – Opt for wholemeal bread, pasta, flour, and rise or white instead

Breakfast: – Fiber should be high.

Salt:- Choose low salt (sodium) or added salt products by comparing food labels and choosing products that have no salt.

Clothes:- Make your own dressing and mayonnaise from low-fat yogurt, oil, tomato paste, vinegar, lemon juice, ricotta cheese, mustard and fruit. Buy clothing labeled Fat Free or Low Fat

Margarine or butter:- Use avocado, chutney, cottage cheese, and low-fat mayonnaise

Qaymax: – Use evaporated milk with gelatin and cool before whipping.

sour: – Low-fat yogurt, butter, skimmed milk or lemon juice.

Frying: – Instead of pouring oil on the pan, use a non-stick pan and cooking spray or pour oil on the bottom of the pan.

Tips to help reduce your obesity

Instead of frying

Use a rack filled with a little water when grilling, roasting, or baking meat. Marinate very lean meat in a mixture of soy sauce, wine, herbs, garlic or spices. This will prevent the meat from drying out during grilling.


An ideal way to cook lots of vegetables? Food is cooked quickly with steam and does not need oil.


Microwaving is a great way to cook food. Microwaves allow foods to retain their flavor and moisture as they cook.

stir fry

Use a wok or non-stick pan. Use oil, water, wine or stock spray to cook your vegetables and then quickly mix them with your cooked meat.


Casserole cooking is a slow, gentle way of cooking that can also be low in fat. Before cooking, cut off the fat or skin of the chicken. Don’t put too much oil on the sun. Let the casserole cool and skim off excess oil. Casseroles are divided into serving sizes and frozen meals for people in a hurry.

Baked Vegetables

First, boil the vegetables, pour vegetable oil, put them in a dry pan and cook them in a high oven.


If you use the broth to make the garlic, pour the juice into a glass and put it in the freezer, when it is cold but not frozen, skim off the solid layer of fat that forms on top. The rest of the water can be used for our own brewing.


When using mik, brown it first in a dry pan and drain off excess oil before adding the other ingredients.

Semi-light oil

Add low-fat yogurt or ricotta cheese to the vegetables.


Mix skim milk or skim milk with ricotta cheese instead of cream.


Creamy sauces can be made with double-strength skimmed milk powder that adds a creamy texture without excess fat.


Try low-fat natural yogurt instead of mayonnaise in recipes.

Salad dressing

They make a mixture of lemon juice, herbs, mustard and vinegar and it makes a nice and tasty sauce.


Avocados have a rich and creamy texture, taste great, and what’s more, they’re good for you. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, avocados make a great addition to a hearty diet. Make avocado a part of your daily diet

Ø Substituting butter or margarine on toast or crackers

Ø Slice and serve with fresh seafood

Ø Use as a topping for Mexican dishes such as tacos

Ø It is cooked and served as a snack on vegetable dishes

Ø Peel and put on jacket potatoes

Ø Add to salads for a creamy taste and texture

Ø Add to tomato based pasta sauce.

Recipe Solutions

Butter: – Plain yogurt mixed with low-fat milk

Buttermilk Alternative: – If you need buttermilk for a recipe, and you must make it yourself: – Combine 1 tablespoon each of white vinegar and milk in a measuring cup, then fill the rest with milk. Let it stand for 15 minutes until it thickens


Ø Cake layers are usually brushed with liqueur. The best substitute is syrup or sweetened water.

Ø The next time you bake a cake, dust it with dried coconut instead of flour

Ø Pour a few tablespoons of your favorite jam on top. When baking, the jam thickens and gives a nice flavor to the cake.

Ø Every time you open the oven door, the baking temperature drops by 50% and the cakes may fall off the center and the others will over bake.

Ø Adding carrots, fruit, or chocolate, mashed bananas or a can of mixed fruit salad will add flavor to a simple package cake mix.

Ø Adding a drop of butter to a packet of cake mix will keep it moist and light.

Ø Mix 100s & 1000s with a vanilla cake mix. They will melt during the cooking process and create a great colorful effect. Children love it.

Ø Decoration made easy: – Place a piece of chocolate in the corner of a micro-waving bag and melt, cut off the top of the corner of the bag and pipe a pattern on top of the cake.

Cabbage: –

Ø When the cabbage is cooked, put a few slices of lemon in a small container and put it in the kitchen.

Ø When the cabbage and Brussels sprouts smell when cooking, put a piece of crusty bread on the cabbage, it will absorb the smell.


Next time you’re making a casserole, try slicing a small French toast into 12mm slices, spreading one side with mustard and gently placing it on top of the baking pan and opening the top. Place under the grill until golden brown.

Chicken: –

Next time you eat a chicken; Add 2 tablespoons of grated orange zest to the delicious mixture.

  • For lean roast chicken, sprinkle with paprika and place the chicken in the oven with no oil, but a little water in the pan to keep it moist.
  • Add a packet of chicken noodle soup when you make the oyster chicken. The taste is good
  • Marinate the chicken wings for 1 hour. Cook half in the microwave on high. Now they are ready to go on the barbeque, saving time on the barbeque, and they taste great and don’t burn.
  • For a golden sour taste, add ½ cup of crushed cranberries to the mix.
  • For a delicious filling: – Slice an apple and put it at the end, add a good handful of sultanas and a spoonful of cinnamon.


  • Low-fat chips can be made by peeling and peeling potatoes thickly, placing them on a greased baking sheet (Canola spray is best), and baking in a moderate oven for 40 minutes.
  • Children sometimes could not finish the package. Resealing the package and storing in the freezer can save it. The oil doesn’t freeze so it keeps wrinkles for weeks.
  • Cut an unpeeled potato into thick slices; dip in seasoned egg white and place skin on a baking tray. Bake at 180c for ½ hour or until soft and firm
  • Chips made from fresh potatoes contain less fat than frozen chips. Oven chips are the healthiest of all.
  • Potato chips will brown faster if a little salt is added to the oil.


  • Roasting beans reduces their moisture and brings out their flavor and aroma. The fruit is a flowering fruit that turns red when ripe. There are two beans in each. Coffee beans turn different shades of brown when roasted
  • To make the perfect cup of coffee, always mix them in the order of coffee, sugar, milk before adding boiling water.
  • Coffee is getting more expensive. Place some change in a jar every time you have a cup. Money comes in handy when you finish.


  • Coconut Ice Cream: – Pour coconut ice cream mixture into ice cream trays for perfect coconut size servings
  • Coconut milk:- Use coconut milk instead of milk in your cakes, it gives a delicious taste.
  • The grated coconut and lemon juice drizzled over the curry helps bring out the flavor.

Croutons: –

  • Make your own with stale bread. Remove the shells, grease the bread, cut it into cubes and put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 4 minutes, turn it and bake the other side.
  • In the microwave, heat 2 tablespoons of oil for 1 minute. Using a cubed piece of white bread, toss well and let rise for 2 minutes, stirring once during cooking.

Thin bread:-

Create and save yourself. Do not throw away stale bread. Remove the skins and bake slowly in the oven at 120c until firm and then crush with a pin.

Low joule wear:-

Mix together the plain yogurt, a squeeze of lemon juice, a bit of chopped cucumber, a bit of chopped mint and the broth.

Dry fruit:-

Don’t let them sink to the bottom of your fruitcake. Before putting them in the cake, put them in the fruit

Fruit: –

Sometimes fruit salad or fruit is soaked in wine or liqueur. For substitutes, replace this amount with syrup, orange and/or lemon juice and rhubarb.

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