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Can The Idea Of America Be Saved?

By almost any measure, America’s best days are over. We are hopelessly in debt. Millions of Americans are unemployed and almost half of our population is currently unemployed. We are as politically polarized today as I have ever been. We suffer under the pressure of an oppressive regulatory and tax environment. Our fourth estate, the media, has withdrawn from any elements of journalism or truth-seeking. And our moral standard, our ‘firm faith in divine providence’ seems to have been forgotten.

Should I mention that over 50 million Americans have been killed in the name of ‘women’s rights’? Or that we incarcerate more people per capita than any other developed nation? That nearly a third of our children grow up without a father (15,000,000) and another five million without a mother?

No matter where you look at it – public education, government agencies, the political climate, big business, the family unit, or the community of faith – we are failing.

So how come our ‘shining city on the hill’ has lost its luster?

To understand our failures, we must first understand the reasons behind our success—what made the experiment work. Simply put, America won because it embraced family, faith, and freedom.

The colonies were populated, to a large extent, by those seeking religious freedom. Quakers, Puritans and others built themselves and their government around biblical principles and practices. From the Mayflower Treaty to the governing documents of the original colonies, all were informed by Judeo-Christian values ​​and truths.

Our founders fully embraced this heritage through its articulation of the laws of nature and nature’s God in determining how man should lead his life and interact with his fellow citizens. The view of the framers was that these rights are inalienable and universal. They belonged to humans, they were gifted by the God of nature. The declaration of these rights ended in the Declaration of Independence. He focused on the five principles of the laws of nature and the God of nature. They are:

  1. That all men are created by God, and that by virtue of this condition they are entitled to be treated equally before the law.
  2. That all people are endowed by God with certain inalienable rights.
  3. People also have the right to govern themselves according to their written constitution.
  4. The people retain the right to change or abolish an unlawful form of government as an exercise of self-government.
  5. The people are free to organize the powers of the civil government in such a way as to ensure their welfare.

The Constitution has implemented this vision and served to establish a civil government that can protect these rights. Federal powers were enumerated (limits and limitations) and those not specifically granted belonged to the states and the people.

This was the idea of ​​America – self-reliance, self-determination – a free people secure in their rights to life, liberty and property. The idea of ​​America was to define that man should live freely to pursue his own best and that the role of government was to protect and defend the rights of the individual.

The founders knew that it is the nature of governments to always tend toward tyranny. They had lived it. And so they set to work putting in place barriers to prevent that – inalienable rights, limited powers, delegation of powers to states and peoples, separation of powers and co-equal branches. But the Founders were equally prescient in realizing that the framework they established through the Constitution was sufficient only if people were good and moral. As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious men. It is wholly inferior to other governments.”

Go back a few hundred years and answer this question – are we still those ‘moral and religious people’ and if not, how and why did we lose this social and cultural critical link?

While the erosions of governmental freedom occur intermittently, especially during the dynamic duopoly of Woodrow Wilson (income tax and the Federal Reserve) and Franklin Roosevelt (where do I begin?), one could argue that when we were less free, in In essence, we were still ‘moral and religious people’ in the 1950s and up to the 1960s. But the seeds of our decline were being planted to change everything. Civil society was on the brink of collapse.

Our nation was in turmoil. Race relations took center stage and America needed to engage with its second-class citizens, the blacks. Most of the South remained separate. The Ku Klux Klan terrorized any blacks who didn’t know their place. Jim Crow laws ruled. As Congress debated and eventually passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, two competing movements emerged, the peaceful civil protests of Martin Luther King and the violence and anarchy of the Black Panthers.

At the same time, America was facing a very unpopular war in Vietnam. The anti-war movement was growing, coming out of our universities and colleges. Coverage of sit-ins, demonstrations and riots filled the airwaves, as did daily body counts from Vietnam. From Berkeley to the streets of Chicago to Kent State, the intensity of this struggle grew with the race war. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Weather Underground (of Bill Ayers fame) appeared on the scene, not only opposing the war, but also vehemently rejecting the institutions and mores of civil society. Their call was violent revolution, which estimated 25 million deaths to achieve their goals – some complex, almost socialist state. Ayers and his ‘Alinskyites’ tried to recruit the more radical and violent elements of the race struggle into their ranks (Black Panthers, Malcolm X) to rise up and overthrow the government.

Fear, confusion and confusion gripped the country while watching or reading the news. President Lyndon Johnson responded with his ‘Great Society’ and ‘War on Poverty’ initiatives. But Johnson, a staunch opponent of the Civil Rights Act, and not really a friend of blacks, was building a permanent underclass with these programs for an ever-loyal (black and poor) voting bloc. Johnson succeeded in putting blacks back on the farm, only this time a government plant. Trust in the government and the victim class was born and well fed. At the same time, the baiters of our contemporary race (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan) were holding their feet.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy in those years was when Martin Luther King pointed out the injustices done against his race to the good people of America and called for their humanity. Tragically, King’s dream of equality and upliftment of his people (and all people) was destroyed by others who found more power and happiness in encouraging, perverting and perpetuating that victim status.

Yes, the sixties gave us the ‘Summer of Love’; the prevalence of counterculture; hippies burning flags, draft cards and bras; a nascent feminist movement, many dead bodies and a rapidly growing government. But it also brought the effectiveness of playing the victim card and appealing to the good (or bad) nature of the American people into the progressive ‘bible’.

This cabal was effective in persuading Americans that abortion was merely an assertion of ‘women’s rights’, that ‘justice’ meant redistribution from a producer to the unfit, that marriage was discriminatory only between men and women. is , that promiscuous sex is only good for teenagers, and that God has no place in the public sphere. Their god is moral relativism, entitlement and authority. Their goal (as in communism and fascism) is to bury Christianity and morality, destroy the church and the family, and replace their traditional role with a benevolent government.

They saw the government as the giver of everything, the moral authority, the determiner of values ​​and the highest level of society.

They have been remarkably successful. Today, a valedictorian who dares to say a word of praise to God or Jesus has been arrested. Christians are belittled and ridiculed for their faith. The successful ones are condemned. Profit is bad. Returning soldiers or those who accept the Constitution should be put on the terror watch list. Illegal aliens are undocumented aliens. “I’m from the IRS and I’m here to help.”

Sit down folks, our world has been turned upside down by design. And since it has taken generations to get us here, it will take as long to reverse it.

To find solutions, I look to Progressive targets – the church, the traditional family unit, academia and the media. The battle is being lost in Washington, DC And while we still have to act and fight in this arena, the real battle is local.

Recipe #1

We need to wake up our preachers and pastors and raise them to stand before the God of nature and the laws of nature. We must not allow them to fear the IRS and their tax status, or their fear of losing communities by speaking out against moral relativism and immoral government actions. If your place of worship does not adhere to the principles and intent of the Constitution, speak with your feet. Let them know why and learn from the experience. Churches have access to help to prevent turnover. And they have a natural duty to support and protect the principles, like any citizen. Support the Black Flag!

Recipe #2

If current trends in the public education system continue, we could soon be facing an army of little brown shirts. Schools, textbooks and curricula need to be constantly reviewed and called out positively or negatively as appropriate. I’m also old fashioned enough to think that the Pledge of Allegiance should be reintroduced into schools as should the opportunity to pray (only optional for my agnostic and atheist friends). Shouldn’t the citizens of a country founded on the laws of nature and nature’s God be allowed (not required) to pray in school?

And respect and loyalty to the symbol of our republic is so bad? The school board and teachers are all local people. Meet them, or become one. Stop sending your hard earned dollars to the Progressive shores that have become so many of our ‘institutes of higher learning’.

Recipe #3

The mainstream media has stopped looking for the truth and willingly supports the Progressive agenda. Supporting trusted voices is a start. But as widespread as the media disinformation cartel is, the more directly and personally we communicate with others, the better. Blog, speak out and fight lies.

Recipe #4

Join other locals who share traditional American values. There is strength in numbers – Bible. We keep each other informed and aware – there is too much going on for one person to keep up. Become a force in your local/county area group. Political activity takes place there. This is a cultural war and we must accept and protect the values ​​we hold dear.

Recipe #5 – My Legal Dream List

Get on board: Abolish the IRS and implement the FairTax; End the Fed; repealing Dodd-Frank and Obamacare; significantly reforming Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security; Abolish the Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Labor, EPA, and shake up the rest, redefine their goals and eliminate any activities that do not support those goals; limits the term of Congress, and puts an end to capitalism.

So, can the idea of ​​America be saved? Yes, as long as it remains in the heart of one citizen. But it will take a generation to restore our nation.

Oh, and can we please have a president who believes in the idea of ​​America, and has the treasury.

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