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Basketball – The Power of Symbolism in Free-Throw Shooting

As a coach and teacher for 40 years and more, I have learned a few things myself. Learning is a fun thing and yet I think some of us get it right. “Life” itself is a great journey full of continuous learning, which helps us to improve our station in life, hopefully make a good respectable life, and live to the end in every aspect of life. Learning helps us make decisions that we are responsible for right or wrong.

The power of ‘choice’ is perhaps the greatest power we have in life. Everything we do can be traced back to a thought and then a choice that ultimately leads to a destiny. I don’t want to get too philosophical here but ultimately this article is about leaving an impression with visual symbols that can last for a lifetime.

Charles Garfield once said, “The key to self-management is the ability to self-observe. It is important to realize that self-observation is not the same as criticism, judgment, or paralysis by analysis. It is more a constant observation of one’s performance.” “

Another reason I write about symbolism is that the greatest teacher, Jesus Christ, taught with parables and symbols, and if these parables and symbols left a lasting impression on my mind, then I hope they will have an effect on you, the reader. do

Over the years of teaching I’ve found myself using more and more visuals or symbols to help students visualize what I’m seeing. Another teaching tool like an overhead projector that projects an image onto a screen. There is a scene. We seem to be getting on the same page faster.

Here are 4 reasons why I use symbols in my training methods.

  1. Symbols create visuals that help remember important concepts.
  2. Symbols can represent and create emotions that we can control.
  3. Symbols can teach different principles depending on the individual’s readiness to learn or update.
  4. Symbols may speed up learning by clarifying imaginary scenes or images.

As I said before it takes more than just “being human” when it comes to shooting free throws very consistently and efficiently. You must be a ‘people worker’. Shooters don’t come anymore. They are made. So the first key is to find your maximum ability as a free throw shooter and find out what your best average is from the range. If the best in the world, i.e. NBA players average about 72%, you can measure yourself against those numbers which are actually pretty average for such a simple and repeatable skill.

William James wrote this comment which is perfect for my message. He said, “A mind once stretched by a great idea or a new insight will never fully return to its original dimensions”. So once you score 90% you will never go back to 70%. You will appreciate the changes you made to improve your scores through cognitive learning.

Since there are about 25 scientific principles that must be followed when shooting free throws or three-pointers, I have found that almost every principle carries some symbolism. Remember that each principle has a scientific connection and several shortcuts. Try to control the weight. Try to drink soda. These are scientific principles that we all respect whether it is through fear or knowledge. The result is the same and that’s what we want, positive reinforcement and instant gratification.

Symbolism for the shooting mechanism:

1. ‘Life’ free throw which is only about a second symbolic of ‘life’ itself. The free throw takes one second and life is usually 75 years, depending on whether you are male or female. According to scientific studies, women are happier and on average for several years. You need a goal to make the perfect throw. IT is the goal. It takes motivation, desire, dedication, knowledge and endless practice of perfect principles to achieve the desired result which is perfect.

Running a “life” requires almost exactly the same process. The goal is Heaven or eternal life. (Apologies to atheists and non-believers. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings). Diligent search and acquisition of appropriate knowledge, application of learned principles, desire to follow a certain path (which may be good or bad), personal motivation, dedication, practice and application of principles and values ​​provide the desired result. You tell me if it’s harder to shoot a free throw for one second in a basketball game or 75 years to master the game of life?

2.Hand-ball contact. Not only should the hand be placed with the index finger at 90 degrees to the teeth (the stitches are not important here but the index finger is in the middle of the ball). The hand should be as wide as possible so that the palm is removed from the ball and it will be easier to keep a consistent level with the wide hand.

Here is the symbolism of writing with a pen or pencil. Don’t you put your fingers on the writing instrument in the same way every time and you don’t write with your fingers and not with your hands and big body muscles? Fingers are walking. A yellow pages ad may ring a bell.

3. The guiding hand. This is the supporting arm that stabilizes when carrying or catching the ball.

The symbolism here is the image of a spaceship ready to blast off into space. Just moments after the rockets launch and send megatons of fire and smoke into the ground and atmosphere, you see the supporting metal scaffolding slowly disintegrate to end the explosion.

It is the same as the left hand of the leader who, after putting the ball into the ‘bullet pocket’, separates it a few inches so that the shot can be fired unimpeded by it before pulling the trigger with the right hand. (Contrary to left-handed shooters).

4.‘bullet box’ it is the area of ​​the body near where the ball rests after catching the ball just before releasing the ball. It depends on the size and power of the shot where the shot pocket is located. Maybe near the stomach, or chest or right side of the face or behind the head

The symbolism here is the trigger being cocked before pulling the trigger.

If there is no pause before you pull the trigger, then it can be called a “chuck” or a trigger. A shot is disciplined and a ‘chuk’ or hit is undisciplined. This suspension often separates men from women due to lack of power.

5. Shooting hand includes the anatomy section from the shoulder joint to the wrist joint. When you straighten it or “lock” your arm during firing so that the entire arm looks straight, you are actually simulating the barrel of the rifle with the bullet in the chamber just before it is fired.

6. The follow through which is the final phase of the shot and is simply the open hand starting in a palm-up position toward the ceiling (launching the ball) until ending with the open hand palm down toward the floor.

The symbolism here is like keeping the lid (hinged) on a cookie jar, as opposed to keeping the whole hand in the jar. The wrist remains slightly locked and no knots move except for the wrist.

7. Wide finger spread before and after shooting It guarantees consistency in the delivery of the ball as it limits any excessive movement by keeping all the fingers in a closed mode. The only joint that breaks on the wrist when shooting is the wrist.

The symbolism here is like the webbed feet of a duck that are always spread wide for maximum traction when flapping. Imagine walking down a slope with a pocket handle instead of a boat. Same principle. There is no way or power with a thin track.

8. The Shot arc is usually the same angle of release as the angle of entry of the ball into the basket.

The symbolism here for the arch is to imagine shooting from the top of an old red British telephone pole. You definitely don’t want your monitor to be against your forehead or close to your ear.

9. ‘Full tracking’ the style of holding during the shot at least until the ball hits the rim. This is a full arm extended with the wrist bent and the arm parallel to the floor without a knot.

The symbolism here is the Statue of Liberty holding the torch proud and high and for a very long time. (Follow until the life of the cartridge or until it hits the rim).

10. The inside of the shooting glove If you have a perfect shooting knee, just a few inches above the forearm and the inside edge of the shooting hand will be in line with the front center of the rim.

The symbolism here is the inside edge of the shooting handle which compares to the muzzle view of a rifle or shotgun. So when you have the perfect line you will have a perfectly straight line across the center front of the spear, the inside edge of your shooting hand and your eyes like a long rifle barrel.

A good closing statement for all of the above symbolism was given by Frank Andrews when he said “Mindfulness is the practice of aiming your attention, moment by moment, in the direction of your goal. It is called mindfulness because you have to keep your purpose in it. when you focus on your mind. Then, when you notice that your purpose has gone, you calmly fix it.” Absolutely perfect.

Copyright 2009, Ed Palubinskas. All rights reserved.

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