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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review – Stealth Action Suffers Due to Ridiculously Overdone Story

Metal Gear Solid 4

Score: 6.0

System: PS3

Genre: Action, Heist movie

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Kojima Productions

Release date: 6/12/08

Length: 25 hours

Difficulty: 5


– Creative and varied episodes including stealth, on-road shooting, and hand-to-hand combat

– Outstanding graphics, sound and production values

– All movies and codecs can be ignored


– Almost half of the disc (can’t even be called a game anymore) takes up sitting and watching movies and code conversations.

– Repetitive gameplay is not difficult

– Several minute setup sections sprinkled throughout the game

Before I start, I feel the need to say that I love stealth games. There is such great satisfaction in getting behind a large force and taking them personally while the rest of the company forgets your presence. I really liked the first Metal Gear Solid, which was a brilliant title on the PS1. The Splinter Cell series has unlocked stealth sequences in its vision and is probably the most direct comparison to the Meta Gear Solid series. Okay, let’s get to the research.

Patriot is a conspiracy theory wet dream for a group that controls private armies that fight to support the arms manufacturing companies. Liquid is trying to destroy the Patriots to create chaos around the world. Aging prematurely, Solid Snake becomes terminally ill as he hunts and tries to stop his nemesis, Liquid Snake, one last time.

The real million dollar question is whether there is a game on the disc. About half of the game’s 25 hours is spent watching movies and listening to codecs. John Carmack, lead programmer for many well-known games, summed it up best when he said, “The story in the game is like a story in a porn movie. It’s supposed to be there, but it’s not that important. ” If games are meant to involve interaction with controllers, then why aren’t we allowed to use them for such long stretches? The answer? Hideo Kojima really likes movies. It should make it possible for them to see Hollywood in theaters rather than working on interactive media.

His stories are just very personal and detailed. He wastes time discussing people’s relationships, who is married to whom, and how they dealt with cancer. You start to wonder if you are watching “The Young and the Restless” or playing a game. There is a lot of detail and dialogue to explain a plot that really isn’t that complicated. While the story is somewhat interesting, humorous and tries to push its emotional boundaries, it’s just too much. Get over it, Kojima!

His work will serve the film audience better. Unfortunately, he found a way to mind control a large portion of gamers into buying his games continuously just to sit back and watch movies. The CIA and FBI really need to look into how he managed to do that. I think the irony is that his conspiracy theory stories are true. He gradually controls everyone through his films with subliminal messages. We need someone to follow him!

Many parts of the movie are like watching the end of a football game. “Just 2 more minutes and I’ll take out the trash, honey!” gradually and inevitably turns into 30 minutes, 1 hour and so on. It’s so funny that game developers know this and do enough. A character actually asks you to drop the controller while he’s giving his speech. They have the audacity to show that they know they are not making a game anymore. Why do people live like this?!? In exchange for pre-release review copies from larger sites, even Konami acknowledged the length of the problematic boxes by requesting previews not mention these issues.

Please you can watch all the episodes of the movie and act directly. You’ll miss the story, but after watching all the movies I can’t recommend it to anyone worth their time. The only commendable films are at the end of the five main stages.

What is the little action left for the players? The actual gameplay parts aren’t half bad. Amazingly, there’s plenty of variety in stealth, on-road shooting segments, and updated hand-to-hand combat. There are nice weapons to customize and trade. OctoCamo’s remote drone and Metal Gear MKII provide alternative ways to get through some of the more boring stealth sections.

The main problem is that there is not enough gameplay and it is not very different from the previous games in the series. You can play the game as a first-person player, but there are already many of those types of games. The stealth aspects of the game haven’t changed much since the first MGS. The hand-to-hand combat is new but not too different from many other games already available. Even if you skip the movies, you get a sub-par game.

This final entry in the series also introduces mental and stress meters. I welcome the new innovations, but I didn’t fully understand these features. It seems that the stress level increases when you are not in a good bed or in a fight. Snake with a higher stress meter is supposed to be more erratic, but I never noticed the difference. The lower level of psychology is supposed to be a problem, but it never affected the gameplay. These meters may be needed on higher difficulties. I was able to play without paying attention to the game by taking advantage of the simple AI and game modes.

Solid Snake needs more moves to deal with such advanced enemies. As mentioned, the most comparable game to Metal Gear is Splinter Cell. Each new addition to the Splinter Cell series adds new moves to Sam’s repertoire. He can climb pillars, hang upside down and break the neck of the enemy. He can hang from a corner below the enemy and drag him to his death. He swims underwater, cutting through a whole block of ice and throwing enemies down. He blows a fuse to attract the attention of a guard, then dispatches the guards one by one. What happens when Sam sees the shadow of an enemy in a tent? She stabs him with her knife, sneaks up behind him and takes him down.

Snake may be an old dog, but he’s learned a few new tricks for his last bow. He has some new close combat moves to throw, kill and take out guards. Snake can also take a guard hostage and search his belongings (thankfully, no anal probes). There are a variety of weapons, with several ways to customize them. It’s just a wonder why more haven’t been implemented in the past decade.

When these new moves are adopted, players expect more improvements in a decade. Why can’t Snake make better use of his environment? Why don’t we indulge in a variety of ways to dispatch enemies? Why aren’t there more than 4-5 types of basic enemies (other than bosses)? Why didn’t Kojima do this? He spends all his time on his absurd films and plot charges are the answer. This is a game. Add new ways to connect in addition to watching all the cool stuff that happens during movies. I want to do some amazing action in those scenes. The more I found that I couldn’t make an impact, the more frustrated I became.

The game consists of five main stages. The film begins in a war zone in the Middle East. You are in some huge battlefield where many forces are fighting each other. If you are patient, you can take advantage of any weaknesses. The setting is a modern take on the typical Solid Snake one-man army versus a squadron of guards and vision tents that the series is known for. However, the combat environment is not unique, as it has been repeated many times since the beginning of Half-Life.

The second stage is in the typical South American jungle that we have all seen countless times. We get. The producers loved Rambo 2. Please skip the motif of hiding in the forest. The middle and later parts of the game provide a welcome variety in gameplay. The various parts of the game reveal that Kojima and his team have a ton of talent. The world would be a better place if they just filled the games with more gameplay parts instead of mundane movies.

No action game is complete without boss battles. Snake will defeat many bosses, all of which are unique, varied and set in beautiful environments. However, none of them will give you much trouble. The main problem is that you’ll spend a good portion of your time in combat manipulating your inventory and weapons instead of actually fighting. It really fits the theme of the game. The game wants to keep you away from any interaction as much as possible. Even truly interactive parts contain many parts that are not interactive.

Of course, this is PS3, so you have to wait a few minutes for the installation before the game even loads. But wait there’s more. Tune in now and we’ll throw in some very detailed setup parts before each stage. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee on this. It all builds to a slow and hopeful conclusion with an even more obvious cliffhanger. The game ends with a ninety-minute movie to end the series. Ok, you love your character and story. We get.

It’s not that I don’t love a good thriller. I just think it could have been executed better with soundtracks that allow for simultaneous play, like in Bioshock or Splinter Cell. Games should always try to include as much interaction as possible. Just take us away from the game for a few minutes and make it worth it. I’m not against a game that has a short movie after every few levels to “reward” you for getting through a tight and difficult section. If the awesome cutscenes at the end of every major level were the only non-game parts in the game, the final product would be much better.

The graphics and animations during the game are beautiful. The only problem is the obvious use of brown and gray. I know Solid Snake is gray now, but does the world have to be?

The music is both moving during dramatic sequences and energetic during action sequences. Things that should be booming, with satisfying bass are booming. The ambient sound is very well executed to keep you tense through the scary battle zone and the alert stealth sections. The very realistic gunshot combinations remind me of the beginning of Saving Private Ryan. Yes, they are that good.

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