Out Of Date Or Old Fashioned In An Unappealing Way Seven Solutions to Keep Far More of Each E Book You Study

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Seven Solutions to Keep Far More of Each E Book You Study

There are various rewards for reading other publications, but perhaps my favorite is this: A fantastic guide can provide you with a completely new method to interpret your past activities.

Every time you learn a new psychological product or idea, it can be “applied” in the mind. Immediately, you can process all the details of your old facts in a new way. You can discover new lessons from ancient times. As Patrick O’Shaughnessy says, “Looking at past changes.” And you can see izmir sign our page

Naturally, this is of course only true when you internalize and remember the insights through the textbooks you are looking for. Consciousness will only get confused if it continues. Basically, what’s the problem is not reading more guides, but getting more from each book you read.

Acquiring knowledge is not the only reason to travel, not surprisingly. Reading for pleasure or entertainment is often a good pastime, but this short article is about looking to learn. With that in mind, I would like to share some of the most effective conception procedures I have discovered.

1. Stop Publishing More

It doesn’t take long to determine if something is really worth reading. Talented industry and brilliant ideas emerge.

Therefore, many people may actually start giving them extra guidance. It is not recommended that you need to read every page of the reservation site-by-site. It is possible to separate from the table of contents, section headings, and subheadings. Choose an area of ​​interest and browse a few web pages. Maybe turn the book over and look at the details or bold tables. Within ten minutes, you’ll need a cheap idea of ​​how much it’s worth.

Then comes an important step: stop the leaders quickly and without guilt or shame.

Existence is too short to waste it on regular guides. Loading is very important. There are many valuable things to read. I think Patrick Collison, the founding father of Stripe, put it right when he declared, “Life is simply too limited to not read the perfect eBook right now.”

Here is my suggestion:

Start more textbooks. Leave most of them. Read the good ones twice.

two. Decide on the Books You Need to Use Immediately

One way to improve reading comprehension is to choose guides that can be used immediately. Putting the tips you read into action is one of the best tips on how to keep them in mind. Follow up is an extremely helpful type of Mastering.

Choosing a book that you can use also provides a powerful incentive to focus and try to remember the fabric. That’s especially true when something a little basic rests in peace. When you start a company, for example, then you have a lot of drive to achieve everything possible with the best selling eBook you are reading. Similarly, someone who will be working in biology may look more closely at The Origin of the Cure than a casual reader because it relates directly to their day-to-day work.

Obviously, not every e-book is usually a practical guide, how to apply immediately, and that’s okay. You will find wisdom in many alternative guides. But I’m learning that I’m more likely to remember books that are relevant to my everyday life.

3. Generate Search Notes

Keep notes on what you are going through. You can do it as you like. It doesn’t have to be a lead generation or a sophisticated method. Just do something to highlight the important factors and methods.

I try this in different ways depending on the form I eat. When researching on Kindle, I highlight chapters. When I listen to audiobooks, I hear interesting quotes. I browse the web and take notes when looking at a print guide.

But here’s the real bottom line: sell your notes in a searchable format.

You don’t have to commit the entire task of reading comprehension to memory. I keep my notes in Evernote. I prefer Evernote over other options for the fact that 1) it’s really instantly searchable, 2) it’s easy to use across multiple devices, and 3) you can continue even when you’re not connected online. and help take notes. the world

I get my notes into Evernote in 3 ways:

I. Audiobook: I create a new Evernote file for each recording and write my notes in that file as soon as I hear it.

II. Books: I highlight chapters on my Kindle Paperwhite and use a software called Clippings to export all my Kindle highlights specifically into Evernote. Then, I edit a summary in the guide and any other ideas before posting it on my guide summaries page.

III. Print: Similar to my approach to audiobooks, I edit my notes as I go. If I go into a longer passage that I choose to transcribe, I leave the guide with a reserve column as I compose. (Taking notes while reading a print book is usually annoying, just because you’re constantly putting the eBook down and picking it up again, but this is the best solution I’ve come up with.)

Obviously, your notes don’t need to be digital to be “searchable.” For example, you should use Notes-It to tag specific web pages for future reference. As an alternative option, Ryan Getaway means to store almost every Be Careful on an index card and categorize them by subject or reserve.

The basic concept is the same: saving research notes is essential to easily refer back to ideas. A plan is only worth it if you can find it when you want it.

4. Trees of Knowledge Mix

One way to think of a guide is like a tree of knowledge with a few basic principles forming the trunk and details forming the branches. You can learn more and improve reading comprehension by “linking branches” and integrating your existing e-book with other trees of consciousness.

For example:

While looking at The Tell-Tale Mind by neuroscientist VS Ramachandran, I discovered that one of his key points is related to an earlier strategy that I learned from social media researcher Brene Brown.

In my notes on The Refined Art of Not Giving F*ck, I famously compared Mark Manson’s concept of “killing yourself” to Paul Graham’s essay on taking your identity for granted.

When I was looking at Mastery by George Leonard, I noticed that although this book was about the whole healing process, it also sheds some light on the genetic link and effectiveness.

I have included any personal insights into my notes for that particular e-book.

Connections like these help you remember everything you read by “connecting” new facts to concepts and concepts you already fully understand. As Charlie Munger suggests, “If you connect the psychological pattern of what you’re reading with the underlying construct in the basic ideas that are being expressed, you gradually accumulate some wisdom.”

If you read something that reminds you of a different topic or immediately sparks a relationship or strategy, don’t let that belief suddenly turn and go. Write about what you found out AND how it relates to other strategies.

5. Write a summary

When I complete an e-book, I limit myself to summarizing your entire text in just three sentences. This obstacle is, of course, only a sport, but it forces me to think about what was absolutely important about the leader.

Some of the ideas I think about when making a short guide are things like:

What are the most important tips?

If I could implement only one idea from this book right now, what would it be?

How do I refer an e-book to a friend?

In a few circumstances, I find that I can usually get just as much practical data from reading my one-paragraph summary and reviewing my notes as I can from skimming through your entire book.

If you really feel like you can’t condense the entire reservoir into three sentences, consider using the Feynman Technique.

The Feynman strategy is basically a Be Aware tactic named after the Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman. It’s very simple: Compile your guide’s identity in the best blank paper, then create a way to explain the e-book to someone who has never heard of the experience.

If you end up stuck or there are gaps in your understanding, review your notes or go back to the text and revise. Keep creating it until eventually you have a higher hold on the main ideas and really feel confident as part of your rationality.

I have found that almost nothing seems better in my thinking than writing about a concept, as I explain it to some newbies. Ben Carlson, a financial analyst, says something similar, “I find the obvious way to discover what I discovered from a book is to write something about it.”

6. Around the subject

I often imagine Thomas Aquinas’s quote, “Beware of a single book man.”

If you just read about a reservation and use that as the basis for your personal beliefs for an entire class of beings, well, what do those people’s beliefs look like? How accurate and comprehensive is your information?

Reading a book will take some effort, but very often, people use a person’s eBook or a short article as an idea of ​​a perfect faith technique. In terms of personal use, personal work experience as a reflection of our beliefs, this can be even more true (and harder hitting). As Morgan Housel observed, “Your individual actions may account for 0.00000001% of what happens on this planet, but perhaps 80% of you believe that the entire world is affected. We are all part of our individual legacy.” “

One way to attack this problem would be to go through several different books on the same topic. Explore from different angles, think about the same dilemma through the eyes of different writers, and look to push the boundaries of your personal encounter.

7. Check it twice

I’d like to conclude by going back to a concept I discussed at the beginning of this post: look for major publications twice.

Concepts need to be repeated in order to be remembered. Author David Cain says, “When we just learn something, we don’t really master it—at least not effectively enough for it to change us significantly. It can be stimulating little by little, but then it will be gone.” flow by many. years of patterns and conditions that existed before it.”

On top of that, returning valuable leads is especially useful because the problems you manage change over time. Of course, after going through the book twice, you will probably catch some things that you missed the first time around, but it is likely that new chapters and concepts will be relevant to you. It’s only natural that different phrases come out to you based on the level you’re going through in life.

You read a similar e-book, however you don’t see it in the same way under the circumstances. As Charles Chu later wrote, “I often return home to a number of writers. And, every time I return, I usually find that they have something new to say.”

To Go Down

Understanding the ingredients at the end.

In Chapter 1 of Atomic Patterns, I wrote: “Understanding a new concept won’t make you a genius, but the determination to grasp a lifelong understanding is often transformative.”

A single reservation will rarely change your life, whether it sparks a light-second of Insight or not. The main thing is to get a minimum amount of wisdom every day.

Since you know how to get more out of any e-book you review, you might want to look for some research suggestions. Feel free to check out my ebook summaries or my general reading.

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