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Spirit of the Dragonfly

The metamorphic act of rising from nymph to dragonfly dispels our limiting beliefs about our actions, our limitations, our doubts, and our doubts. The ‘Spirit of Dragonfly’ reminds us that everything is possible, we can achieve our dreams and goals, we learn to understand ourselves and our faith. The Dragonfly spirit is the guardian of our dreams, sees true potential and ability, empowers us to fulfill our birthright.

Dragonfly wings reflect the colors of our Universe and connect us to their energy. The power of color or personal colors helps us achieve our desires.

Choosing the colors of our clothes, our surroundings, even the color of our car can have a positive or negative effect on what we want to achieve in life. Wearing dark and gloomy colors sends a negative message, says that deep inside we don’t really want to achieve or fulfill our ambitions, the colors we surround ourselves with reflect the message we are sending, like the lighting of a Dragonfly’s wings.

If we want to change we must show that we are ready and willing to allow the change to occur with the energy generated by the vibrations that are produced by the color that corresponds to the specific energy of the experience we are seeking. If we want to take pride in our work in the workplace, we should wear red and purple. If we want to start over, we should wear green colors, and for a greater feeling of strength, we should wear yellow colors.

To develop a greater intuitive ability, and feel more deeply connected to the universe, we should wear blue and indigo colors.

We should use colors to express who we are, our desires and experiences in our lives. We should learn from Mother Nature, with her wide range of colors, how nature uses color, whether it’s to pollinate flowers, in the cycle of birth and rebirth, or to use color to deter or repel predators. Through the ‘Spirit of the Dragonfly’ we can use color in the same way as nature to influence the messages we send to others, and the reflexive reactions of others to the messages we send, to help develop greater understanding. our own

At the beginning of the dragonfly’s life cycle, the nymph hatches from the egg, spends about five years under the surface of the water, uses internal gills to breathe, uses its elongated jaws to bite other invertebrates, and even such vertebrates. Like tadpoles and fish, the Spirit of the Dragonfly can teach us to integrate emotion with rational thought by cutting off the parts of our lives that we cannot control. This is especially helpful in dealing with addictions such as overeating, drinking and drugs, other addictions such as relapse, gambling, overspending, daydreaming, overworking and other addictions that prevent us from living a balanced and fulfilled life. to live lifestyle.

Most addictions are caused by emotional energies and traumas that are compensated for by addiction. Overeating often compensates for feeling unloved, and depressed drinking, or a depressed lifestyle. There are usually other parts of the lifestyle that are out of control and need to be addressed, before they can be resolved.

It is often necessary to look beneath the emotional waters, into the dark depths, to understand the reasons and what is really going on inside.

When the nymph is ready to change into an adult, it emerges at night with the help of a plant, and as it does so it changes the breathing pattern inside the caterpillar’s body, then the skin splits at a weak point behind the head, and the dragonfly leaves its skin. The old caterpillar emerges, waits for the sun to rise, pumps its wings and takes flight. The dragon is the fastest insect in the world, reaching speeds of 19 to 38 miles per hour, depending on the species. Likewise by using the energy generated by the Dragonfly Spirit one can rapidly achieve new results and insights that help you transform yourself from the old larval skin into new ways of thinking, behaving and living. This is the point of metamorphism, the most important time to ‘see’ through visions, and receive messages sent to you from the universe directly through the Spirit of the Dragonfly. We must leave behind our old beliefs of powerlessness, irrational fears and false limitations, you have the choice of your beliefs and your focus for the future. Although one always has the power to change one’s circumstances, this is a fundamental point and with the energy of the Dragonfly Spirit, one clearly shows that one is ready to make no excuses for changes, and to take full responsibility. What we make of our lives is by making the appropriate changes now when one has the energy, support and power of the Dragonfly Spirit emerging.

People who carry and retain the energy from the Dragonfly Spirit are often good healers, and understand the use of Color for Healing, they can feel or see the colors that a person carries in their air, and can learn how to heal from that person. helps. the rays change color so that people can be a part of their own healing process, instead of depending on others to do the healing process for them, which never works. This can be illustrated by the following examples, if a person carries a heavy shade of red in their air, which leads to power struggles, constant irritations, and things always going wrong, the healer can replace the heavy dark reds with help to be lighter. brighter reds to empower the person with confidence, Or if a person’s mood is lacking in vital energy and color, the healer can teach the person to absorb the energy rays through the colors of the Universe, both visible and invisible to repair and revitalization. aura

To restore the aura, which is especially necessary in times of stress and trauma, and is needed by healers and by all of us at least a few times a week, or once to twice a day. One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to either restore or build the aura is to relax in a quiet place where one feels at home and focus on all the colors of the rain and see them entering the air through the Universe. flowing, if one needs extra energy, one can call upon the Devil Spirit, seeing the rainbow colors that describe the dragon’s wings as it flies over meadows, gardens, and streams, if one is new to this and has some. fear, one can include pleasant memory places in the butterfly flight, one can also do this before going to sleep at night and ensure a good night’s rest and wake up in the morning fully rested and energized, or one can take a short time. to be fully restored during the lunch break for the whole day. With practice one can learn to do this in almost any place and situation.

For the first time one can use something tangible, which one can focus on, a glass paper should be recommended because it performs both functions, glass is made of silica from rock crystals, so the energy save, the Dragonfly paperweight will help bring harmony to the environment.

People with a Dragonfly Spirit are very good at deciphering the colors of their emotions and reflecting on which emotions control our lives. We get so caught up in how we feel, it becomes the norm, we may not recognize that we are depressed or harboring levels of anger or hostility, or that we are in the grip of sadness or regret over events that happened in the past. We project these feelings onto others, and experience ourselves as depressed or hostile people.

In our Western Culture we are often brought up not to show or suppress our emotions, so this energy is forced down, held and channeled into our lower chakras, using the energy from the ‘Dragonfly Spirit’. and invites him down. chakras, the energy can move this blocked energy, which manifests itself in the body, we can reactivate it. This removal isn’t really painful, in fact it’s less painful than having all this trapped energy pulling more of the same. If you do not know someone who is empowered with the Dragonfly Spirit to assist you in the process, mentally call upon the energy of the Dragonfly Spirit.

Think about the energy flowing through the lower chakras, imbuing them with bright, clear colors, which you can use to reflect from the dragonfly’s wings for increased strength, and happiness. You may feel a little emotional, this is a good sign that the process is working, it doesn’t take long for the energy to clear, and you need to feel these feelings, scream, kick your feet, do whatever it takes. . take that energy and dissipate it, always remembering that you have a powerful friend in the form of the Dragonfly Spirit within you, and for you, and supporting you in this process.

If you do not feel safe or afraid to perform this process on your own, you should consult with a registered alternative healer, or other qualified therapist, before engaging in this type of healing work. It is a true mark of yourself to know when you need help and to go out and seek it. If you need help finding a qualified specialist you can find the regulatory authorities on the web, or you can contact us directly and we will give you the details of the nearest qualified registered pharmacist, all our services are free, we are here to help you when you need us.

People who work with The Spirit of the Dragonfly often work with Crystals and other Semi-Precious Stones, where energy can be drawn from bright colors and bright inclusions in the stones, all ‘Dragonfly People’ can increase their energy and raise your spirits. stones throughout their houses, and a sense of well-being can be achieved throughout the house. Sunstones are brilliant with lots of inclusions, especially if they are of good quality.

Like the Dragonfly, it can be a momentous time for your transformation to take place, from Nymph lurking below the surface to a shiny new Dragonfly, with the freedom to launch yourself into a bright, sometimes difficult or even impossible new world. eh, but just think about the metamorphosis of the dragonfly, and always remember that you are gradually strengthening yourself, and these changes are becoming stronger every day, and you are learning to know and understand more about yourself. You will emerge and continue to grow with the Higher Power and Spirit that always resides within you, as you continue to know your Inner Self and the Power of the Universe.

This power is within your Soul and Spirit, and the Energy is from Our Universe, how we interpret it is from within us, there are many paths to follow, the freedom to follow your paths is what you seek to achieve, experience and it happened. We only ask that you use your new power wisely and help us help others. The Dragonfly Spirit is a very powerful spirit, we have been on this planet for such a short time, and we are never too old to make this transition.

The dragon has a 360-degree field of vision, and the eyes have 30,000 faces, each of which is a separate light organ. A dragonfly has a special optical illusion called motion camouflage, whereby it moves to present itself as a stationary creature, while also moving quickly, as a method of self-defense against anything that would harm them.

The oldest species of Dejjrahan are 320 million years old and appear in fossils.

Dragons are often thought of as flying dragons.

In Native American Culture Dragonflies represent speed and action, for the Navajo they symbolize pure water, and often appear in Zuni Pottery, stylized as a double cross, in Hopi rock art and on Pueblo necklaces . In some Native American Beliefs it is said that Dragonflies are also held as a symbol of renewal after a period of great hardship.

In Japan, dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and luck, and often appear in art and literature, especially Haiku, an ancient system of verse that survives today. In ancient mythology, Japan was known as Akitsushima, which means ‘Land of Dragonflies’. The love of Dragonflies is shown by the fact that almost all of the 200 species of Dragonflies found in and around Japan have traditional names.

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