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Spring Wardrobe Trends For the 9 to 5 Professional

As the days grow longer and the skies become sunnier, it’s time to think about a new, renewed spring. Get ready to put away those winter woolen layers and start incorporating whatever light fabrics, colors and accessories you can into your workwear to energize it and put a little spring in your step.

Having been in the fashion industry for years, I know that every designer, retailer, and fashion magazine has their own unique vision of what spring should be. But I’ve also noticed that most of these trends and collections focus on weekend wear or casual wear for warm weather vacations. As much as I love watching all the fashion trends, as a professional image consultant, I have to say that not every one of these popular trends is suitable for every person – and many of them do not correspond to the clothing requirements of the workplace. . professional women.

So in this article I’ve fixed the good trends and reinterpreted a few of them that can add some color and style to your daily 9-5 professional or business wardrobe.

Springtime Color Tones

All of my top professional clients know that dark undertones are true power colors. But as spring arrives with its warmer temperatures, you may need to lighten up your wardrobe to get more out of your wardrobe while maintaining a strong professional presence. This season’s new neutrals are navy, grey, pewter, olive, tan, black and white. Invest in a few basic wardrobe pieces—like a dress, a pair of dress pants, or a sweater—to give you great versatility and longevity from your wardrobe investments. You can also always add a brighter trendy color of the season such as turquoise, blue, tomato red, coral, tangerine, lemon yellow, fresh green, or purple. Use these brighter colors to add some pop and flair to your power accessories by layering them into a silk blouse, dressy pump, handbag, or scarf. Your sense of style will convey to others that you are knowledgeable about the season’s fashion colors while it will also set you apart with an attractive and perfectly stylish look.

Your printed style

I love prints because of how they can add a little magic to a plain outfit, and this spring you’ll see lots of romantic floral, abstract, tropical, safari and tribal prints. But remember that small prints should be smaller in the workplace so that they don’t detract from your professional image. You never want to wear a large print dress to a speaking engagement, for example, where the focus will be on your outfit instead of you. While it’s great to add some prints to your ensemble, be sure to buy smaller prints and add them in small doses with accessories like blouses, scarves, tote bags, or shoes.

New Tools for a New Decade

Beautiful – Big and bold jewelry fashion statements – with necklaces, earrings and bracelets that tend to be chunkier and a little flashier – will still be in style this spring. These are essential pieces when you want to create some dramatic interest for your social wear. But when you’re dressing for the workplace environment, you should tone it down a bit. Instead of wearing, for example, five to ten strings of large pearls, look for a double chain necklace of smaller pearls. If you’re wearing a dress to work, a statement earring might be enough, or you can add a cute and stylish linen scarf. Also, I often see women at networking events with their beautiful, embellished necklines that they’ve ruined by adding an unnecessary necklace. You don’t always need a necklace. You can let the lovely neck detail take center stage while wearing other less subtle jewelry like an earring or a set of delicate rings.

Handbags & Totes – Handbags are smaller this season and are carried in a modern way. Popular styles are soft and chunky shoulder bags and bag and hobo styles available in soft buttery, neutral or “bare” colored leathers. You will also find handbags or handbags in colors like blue, yellow, pink and floral or animal prints. A great messenger bag is a must-have for any professional, and a surprisingly stylish way to carry work essentials.

shoes – Every working woman should think about buying a new and attractive nude shoe. Beige leather pumps, platform pumps, heels and flats all look totally modern and sensational. Those women of color with richer, darker complexions should look for warmer-toned shoes that match their feet—for example, a variety of flattering shades of brown, black, or brown. The key here – regardless of your particular skin tone – is to find a color that minimizes the contrast between the color of the shoe and the color of your natural leg.

Why? Because then when you wear the shoe, it has that magical visual effect of elongating the look of the leg. Wearing skin-colored shoes, in other words, is an easy technique to instantly give your legs a long, lean, leggy look. For a look that is both elegant and sophisticated, pair the nude shoe with the beach.

Another big find this season is the return of medium length 1-3 inch waves. A baby boot is more comfortable to wear when you need to be on your feet all day, and these shoes convey subtle sexiness that’s understated enough to beautifully compliment your professional look.

Five Spring Fashion Essentials for Polished Professionals

1) Modern clothes – As spring approaches, it’s all about the styles of dresses that are belted at the waist or loose and flowy. Nothing is hotter this season than the classic dress shirt, which is tailored enough for work but still exudes a sassy attitude. For those more dressy occasions choose a soft, flowy dress with a little ruching around the middle of the silhouette, which is a great way to hide those tummy issues we want to hide. However, do not forget that the style of your work clothes still needs to be on the structured or tailored side. I love soft romantic florals and soft ruffled styles, but I recommend that instead of wearing them to work, you reserve them for a time when you need to arrive at a social event in style.

2) Basic White Shirt Updated – A white blouse or shirt is always a great way to add a light and fresh look when the mercury rises. But it’s not about wearing a men’s shirt this season, so look for tailored tailoring with a few modern eye-catching details like ruffles, ruffles, or pinstripes across the body of the shirt. You’ll also find ¾-inch sleeve details like cuffs or small cuffs that will show off your lower arms in style.

3) Romantic flowers – If you work in a less conservative environment where business dictates rules, then feel free to add some flair with a floral shirt or blouse. Pair a soft flowy or pencil style blouse with a fitted blouse or short jacket to spice up your look. Flowy or soft flowy blouses and structured tops will be everywhere this season for dressy outfits. If you are a top leader in your organization and this style works for you, my suggestion is to wear smaller prints over a nice blouse – or smaller floral prints in a large hat. Wearing business attire that is too romantic can inadvertently send the wrong message that women are weak, and I want you to arrive at your corner office in style, but with grace and strength.

4) America is blue – Blue is America’s favorite color, and this year the blue color is bigger than previous years. Choose dark blue colors like navy to exude professionalism, trust and confidence. Shop for blue dresses or add a pair of navy blue shoes, bag or necklace to your ensemble. If you have blue eyes, choose a blue silk blouse or a necklace of small stones in the same blue color as your eyes and they will appear bigger and brighter. Be careful when choosing your shades of blue so that you will look your absolute best. For example, if you have a cool skin tone, wear deeper, richer shades of navy or cobalt. If you’re warmer in complexion, on the other hand, buy lighter, brighter colors like teal or turquoise.

5) Pen Notes About Pen Notes – Modern pen styles are now in stores in some great modern prints and fun colors. The traditional pencil skirt—updated in a new color or print—gives your casual fashion a bit of classic-hip style. But be aware of how different prints in clothes can change the shape of your figure or add weight. If you tend to be wider in the hip area, then either skip this trend, or keep it simple by wearing a neutral and soft dark color like black, navy, or brown – and wearing Save your fun prints for your upper half. the body. If you have chiseled cheeks, however, you can have fun with a little print or a bolder color in your pencil skirt and you’ll be on the cutting edge for the coming season.

I hope you enjoyed the latest professional trend report and find yourself ready to shop and explore to find some new pieces to add to your wardrobe. It’s all about versatility this year – so before you head out to add a few items, first take stock of your existing spring wardrobe and look for colors and prints that will enhance their wearability and utility. . You definitely need to discover a trend that speaks to your true style and personality. You can then wear it in strategic cases around the office to create a modern sense of fashion forward and polished professionalism.

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